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Dan Malatesta is a Partner at Ashley LLP and an Author

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Carl Chianese was aged 81; Kenneth Arabia was aged 67; Daniel Castelli and Joseph Servidio both 60; while Daniel Malatesta, at 75.

Early Life and Education

Malatesta found solace in alcohol and drugs during his freshman year of college as a means of dealing with family illness as well as his failure to make the basketball team. He saw them as ways of managing both these situations.

Malatesta credits Ashley with helping him reconnect with family and friends. Now his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others in treatment at Ashley to establish these bonds as well.

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Professional Career

In 2022, he joined the firm as a partner. Specializing in complex negotiations pertaining to M&A transactions and private equity investments, as well as handling an array of corporate governance matters, he excels at representing his clients successfully.

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Daniel Malatesta, an associate of mob boss Daniel Bonanno, was denied bail while parolee Roger Vella was arrested at his halfway house Thursday for violating his probation agreement. Additionally, 11 more defendants from Carl Chianese (81), John Michael Payne (34) and Roger Vella (11) all face additional charges related to this extortion case.

Achievement and Honors

Malatesta’s life, though marred by imprisonment and exile, can still be counted among his achievements. He pioneered anarchism.

He was also an outstanding example of selfless action, living to serve his cause while forgoing personal comfort or sometimes even his life itself. He set aside small inheritance properties as well as family ties in pursuit of his noble cause.

Malatesta continued his fight for anarchism once released from prison, encouraging workers to strike and occupy factories. Eventually he was imprisoned once more but managed to publish Pensiero e Volonta magazine without fear from Mussolini; which would go on to be considered Italy’s first of its kind journal.

Personal Life

Malatesta hails from the island but moved away as a young adult for addiction treatment. Since achieving sobriety through Ashley’s program, his life has been transformed. Now, Malatesta works as an addiction recovery coach helping others find hope and healing.

Malatesta, a former literary agent himself, created The Bestselling Author (TBA). Through one-on-one author coaching and consulting services he offers at TBA, Malatesta has assisted clients in getting representation from top literary agents as well as book deals from major publishers including Penguin Books, Random House, Harper Collins and Thomas Nelson.

He and his wife are very proud of Devlin’s graduation from the Naval Academy. While she admits they had concerns about him enrolling at military academy instead, she feels relieved he chose the Navy instead.

Net Worth

Dan has worked with thousands of clients over his career and his achievements stand as proof of his work ethic and drive for excellence. Among these are landing a book deal with Berkley Books and creating his own clothing brand.

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