Daniel Malone

Meet Daniel Malone

Daniel Malone serves as Executive Director of Downtown Emergency Service Center, a non-profit in Seattle which offers survival and crisis services as well as behavioral health care, including assistance in finding permanent supportive housing solutions for its clientele.

Lena and Hobbs Horton’s two-story residence features a two-story variant on the classic Folk Victorian form with its gable front and wing form, standing to its western end as an example of plain traditional with Colonial Revival influences.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Malone hails from Plumerville, Arkansas and played soccer under Scott Ruggles as part of his high school experience, where he became most valuable player.

He currently sits as the judge for the 3rd Subcircuit in Cook County Circuit Court, as well as serving as executive director of Downtown Emergency Service Center of Seattle – a non-profit which offers survival, crisis services and permanent supportive housing to individuals living with mental illnesses.

The Arthur Daniel Malone House is a two-story vernacular frame home with a gable front and wing form, constructed by local carpenters over several years with help from Malone family. Symmetry was achieved throughout and its second-floor porch features an Doric columned jigsaw cut balustrade for added beauty.

Professional Career

He practices law at Chicago-based Butzel Long law firm and advises automotive suppliers on compliance matters related to federal compliance standards. Furthermore, he writes extensively on legal matters impacting this industry.

He currently serves as executive director of the Downtown Emergency Service Center in Seattle, which offers survival and crisis services, behavioral health care, permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals with illness or addictions, as well as data analysis to uncover patterns in community trends that enable DESC to fulfill its mission.

He is widely-recognized musculoskeletal physician known for pioneering ultrasound-guided regenerative techniques and thread carpal tunnel surgery, both practices which he pioneers. His practice is located in southcentral Wisconsin where his patients benefit from meticulous diagnosis and advanced treatments.

Achievement and Honors

Malone is an experienced business leader who has overseen numerous successful companies. He currently holds positions as President at NextFab Studio LLC and Director at Drive Passion PC Services CC; in addition, he sits on the boards for Qurate Retail Inc and Liberty Media Corp.

He is well-versed in comparative effectiveness research, burden-of-illness studies and other real world data evaluation methods resulting in over 160 peer reviewed publications.

In 2000, Malone made his largest gift ever to Yale University: $24 Million for construction of the Daniel L. Malone Engineering Center on Homewood Campus. Additionally, he made significant donations such as $30 Million towards building Malone Science Center and Heath Commons; plus other gifts to other institutions and charities.

Personal Life

Daniel Malone is an enthusiastic water polo player and has enjoyed success at various tournaments worldwide, such as Team USA and Hungary’s Olympic champions.

At Consumers Energy, he has led two significant talent and economic development efforts: Pure Michigan Business Connect brought in over $6 billion of new business to Michigan companies; while Michigan Talent Architecture Coalition established the first state-based talent pipeline management academy.

Malone’s artistic practice encompasses more than his artistic endeavors; he is also an avid sportsman and passionate music lover. His works have been shown at museums and galleries worldwide, while Black Market Next to My Name provides a sampling and survey of seventeen years of his practice.

Net Worth

Malone has made significant charitable donations over his lifetime, such as giving $50m to Yale’s engineering center (Daniel L. Malone Engineering Center) and $30m to John Hopkins’ Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins. Furthermore, he created Pure Michigan Business Connect which has generated $6 billion worth of new business for Michigan since its inception.

He found great enjoyment in wood turning and amateur astronomy, as well as beer brewing and traveling.

He recently held board membership at Qurate Retail Inc and Liberty Media Corp, and directorships of Drive Passion PC Services CC, 1525 South Street LLC and Jet Wine Bar LLC. Additionally, he owns land in the US and sits on CMS Energy Corp’s board.

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