Daniel Mamary

The Case of Daniel Mamary

Daniel Mamary’s case has brought to light that children can and do kill; although, contrary to popular belief, it does not occur very frequently.

The case involved the brutal murder of a young mother and received extensive media coverage due to its extremely violent nature.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hale Williams was the son of a barber. Beginning as an apprentice shoemaker, but knowing he needed more education he moved to Wisconsin where he apprenticed under a surgeon and ultimately studied medicine at Chicago Medical College.

Witness descriptions and statements helped police identify Overton, Johnson and Mamary as prime suspects in Young’s death. Initially charged with homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and criminal conspiracy charges they were eventually released without charge or trial.

An investigative grand jury of York County recommended charging these three men. Overton and Johnson remain in York County Prison while Mamary awaits trial in Springettsbury Township Court; all are held without bail due to the serious nature of their accusations; their cases have advanced into York County Common Pleas system where a jury trial will soon commence.

Professional Career

Daniel Mamary is a composer renowned for his prolific career and many achievements as a musician. After graduating summa cum laude from SUNY Potsdam with dual majors in music education and composition, his music has been performed around the globe.

Police asserted that when Young was knocked unconscious, someone called 911 and instructed his attackers to stop beating him; which they eventually did – though not before kicking him while on the floor and punching him multiple times including punches to his face. Mamary, one of Young’s attackers, admitted to police he punched or kicked the victim two or three times and took photos or video footage of it while using his phone camera to document what occurred.

Sinsere Overton, 21, Naqui Johnson, 20, and Daniel Mamary, 19, were charged with murder, aggravated assault, and criminal conspiracy; all three remain detained without bail in York County Prison due to the serious nature of these accusations.

Achievement and Honors

Mary established an idyllic family life as she traveled with Walter through Sears Roebuck relocations to Presque Isle, ME; Longmeadow, MA and Menands, NY for Sears Roebuck employment. Mary loved playing golf and skiing with friends no matter her residence.

She was an avid reader who was active in her church community. With this spirit in mind, she volunteered her services for American Red Cross and local library events; this dedication earned her two prestigious awards: Kaiser Permanente Award and Leonard Tow Humanism In Medicine Award.

NCTC joins theatre artists and educators across the state in mourning Dan Seaman’s passing, dedicating the ensemble award at its annual state festival to him as an act of tribute. Instead of sending flowers, donations in his name can be made by clicking here.

Personal Life

Daniel had no history of violence; in fact, he attended counseling sessions prior to committing the murders. Yet during these sessions, his behavior became alarming; he seemed increasingly out-of-control while talking about visions he was having of killing others.

According to court documents, the dispute began when an individual saw Young rolling cigarettes in a rooming house and confronted, followed, and called 911. Johnson and Mamary then allegedly beat Young by punching him two to three times and kicking him in the side while disregarding pleas from a caller on the phone to stop. Additionally, they are believed to have recorded video or taken photos or videos of this assault on Young.

Net Worth

John Gregory has become a successful entrepreneur by dedicating himself to his family business ‘Gregory Packaging Corporation.’ As of 2020, he served as vice president and accumulated an estimated net worth of one million compared to Martha MacCallum who is an award-winning news anchor and TV host with an estimated worth of $8 Million.

After the incident, two individuals were taken into custody; Sinsere Overton was charged with criminal homicide while Naqui Johnson and Daniel Mamary each face charges of aggravated assault and simple assault respectively. All three have since been taken to York County Prison.

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