Daniel McGlynn

A Profile of Daniel McGlynn

Danny McGlynn serves as managing director at K2 Integrity and leads their DOLFIN team, helping financial integrity professionals meet regulatory training requirements. Additionally, he sits on several company boards.

He is admitted to practice law in both Michigan and Illinois Supreme Courts and has represented clients in various business law matters.

Early Life and Education

Dan McGlynn was an attorney who served during World War I before attending Notre Dame Law School to earn his law degree. Following graduation he joined his family business – McGlynn & McGlynn – which offered legal defense for numerous high-profile clients such as Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and St Louis National City Stockyards.

Subsequently, he became a partner in the firm with his father and grandfather, serving on multiple boards and becoming an active member of the American Legion.

Robert and Jim McGlynn would continue in their father’s legacy by carrying on McGlynn & McGlynn as practice law at McGlynn & McGlynn. Both earned degrees from Notre Dame; Robert went to Okinawa while Jim served in Germany.

Professional Career

Daniel McGlynn has been practicing law for over 32 years, representing clients in an array of business-related legal matters such as litigation, corporate transactions and general business advice. A graduate of Detroit College of Law with admission into multiple state courts to practice, Daniel is adept in representing his clients effectively in various legal issues that pertain to them.

At K2 Integrity, he leads the DOLFIN team as senior managing director. This group equips financial integrity professionals with operationally useful tools and resources for meeting regulatory expectations for anti-money laundering, sanctions compliance and illicit finance issues.

He is well-versed in intellectual property litigation matters related to patent, trade secret and copyright litigation in U.S. District Courts and has represented multiple companies across various industries.

Achievement and Honors

McGlynn previously served as director of the Treasury Department’s Middle East-Europe Office, helping develop and coordinate strategies to deny terrorist and insurgent groups access to funding sources. For his outstanding leadership in this office’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence he received the Stuart Levey Award.

At Robert C. Rice College of St. Rose in Vermont, he earned several accolades, such as the Robert C. Rice Award for Outstanding English Language and Literature Major; Outstanding Philosophy Major from the college; and Service Award from Student Activities Council. Furthermore, he presented at various conferences regarding aspects of Catholicism.

He recently participated in RTE’s Big Wave Bootcamp series, in which teens like himself were sent half way around the globe to learn surfing over three weeks – an experience he shared on Leitrim Observer website HERE.

Personal Life

Danny is well known in Baton Rouge as an accomplished attorney and dedicated husband and father, serving on various boards such as Downtown Development District and Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance.

Before joining K2 Integrity, Mr. McLaughlin worked at both the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). There he held positions such as DAS for Analysis and Production with OIA as well as Director of its Middle East-Europe office where he directed efforts to use intelligence information in devising strategies to deny terrorists and insurgent groups access to funds.

He has successfully represented clients before juries in Philadelphia, PA; Richmond and Virginia; Baltimore Maryland; Atlanta Georgia; Springfield Massachusetts and Tucson Arizona.

Net Worth

He worked tirelessly for his success, amassing an estimated net worth of over $526 thousand dollars at this writing.

He has been extremely encouraging of Katie McGlynn’s career and encourages her to pursue it further. Katie McGlynn has spoken highly of both of her parents and finds great comfort in having such an important bond between the three of them.

He has conducted multiple insider transactions in AMPY stock in the past three years and currently owns over 56,000 shares of this company. His latest transaction, on 16 March 2023, consisted of purchasing 1,817 units for $46,838. Additionally, several patent applications may assist his business.

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