Daniel Meneshian

Daniel Meneshian

This company specializes in insurance services for both individuals and businesses, offering coverage on cars, homes, items such as jewelry or artwork and helping with financial planning services.

Meneshian comes from a background in finance and holds a degree from University of California Los Angeles. An avid sports fan and travel enthusiast, Meneshian currently resides with his family in Agoura Hills, CA.

Early Life and Education

Knarik Meneshian was born in Austria to an Armenian father and Austrian mother. At the University of Illinois she studied literature and secondary education; serving on its selection committee for McDougal Littell “Young Writers” Collection Grades 1-6. After moving back home she taught English in Gyumri, Armenia where she taught classes at Gyumri High School as an active contributor of The Armenian Weekly as an English instructor; her works have also appeared in “Teachers as Writers” anthology as well as Armenian publications both internationally.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA since October of 2021.

Professional Career

Knarik Meneshian is a writer and educator whose poems have been published in “Teachers as Writers: American Poetry Anthology” as well as various Armenian journals and newspapers, in addition to contributing to McDougal, Littell Young Writers Collection. Additionally, she spent time teaching English classes to students in Gyumri, Armenia. Additionally, her late husband worked as a thoracic surgeon in Annapolis at Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center specializing in chest and heart related surgeries.

Personal Life

Meneshian’s wife Knarik is also an author. Her writing has appeared in American and Armenian publications alike, such as “Teachers As Writers, An American Poetry Anthology” as well as numerous journals in both countries. Additionally, Knarik authored multiple books detailing her experience teaching English in earthquake-devastated Jrashen town during a humanitarian trip after an earthquake struck Armenia as well as volunteering for one year at Gyumri Village near Gyumri village. Meneshian currently lives in Los Angeles California with two sons Raffi and Murad while her late husband was an accomplished composer/ musician of great renown; may he rest in peace.

The family currently resides at 2115 North Commonwealth Avenue in Los Angeles.

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