Daniel Merida

Merida by Daniel Merida

Merida is an independent princess who strives to take control of her destiny. She spends her days riding Angus, practicing archery and exploring her surroundings.

Merida seeks Mulan’s assistance in tracking down the knight responsible for killing her father using a piece of his cloak she retrieved from battleground debris.

Early Life and Education

Merida, Princess of Hagniforret, has an outgoing and adventurous nature. She enjoys hunting for fun, while not following the rules set down by either her parents or other royals.

She and Ella were very close, often keeping an arm’s length away when appearing in court to avoid confusion between themselves.

Merida has long, wavy red hair and an athletic physique. She features freckles and blue eyes and loves her horse Angus immensely. Merida tends to have an impulsive and short temper but remains calm under pressure; Merida even made a guest appearance on Sofia the First where she seemed bewildered when Sofia suddenly began singing!

Professional Career

He has participated in five Tour of Britain races and achieved as high as 10th position. Additionally, he regularly provides commentary and studio punditry for GCN and Eurosport coverage of Grand Tour races alongside Orla Chennaoui, Robbie McEwen and Dani Christmas among others.

Merida was an ex-U.S. Army National Guardsman Specialist who plead guilty to murdering 17-year-old Falah Zaggam of Iraq in 2004. Merida shot Zaggam 11 times from within a guard tower before throwing him off it before fleeing military prison pending his eventual release. His case became widely discussed.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was an advocate for racial justice and served on various organizations’ boards – such as the Black Caucus of the National Communication Association – as an active participant. Additionally, his memoir We Fish: The Journey to Fatherhood published by University of Pittsburgh Press earned rave reviews.

Bobb has 13 years of coaching experience and has led teams to multiple conference tournaments. Most notably, during 2021 he led FIU to its best record ever – including winning Conference USA regular season championship and earning an invitation to NCAA Tournament!

He has helped develop first-team All-America East players such as Leo Fernandes who now plays for Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer (MLS). Additionally, his contributions have been recognized on ABC-TV’s 20/20.

Personal Life

Merida is an independent princess who appreciates both family and her own independence. Although sometimes stubborn, Merida can also be caring and supportive when it comes to caring for her younger triplet brothers or Angus.

She exhibited curiosity when she followed a trail of will o’ the wisps that led into the forest, as well as playful spirit when she teased her mother with an arrow from a bow and arrow.

Merida currently serves as associate head coach for Florida International University men’s soccer, leading the Panthers to both regular season and conference tournament titles in 2022. Before his appointment as associate head coach of FIU’s men’s team, he served as an assistant coach at Miami Palmetto High School and University of Miami.

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