Daniel Monroe

Daniel Monroe – Artist and Psychic Medium

Daniel Monroe is an award-winning artist specializing in various media. He has illustrated children’s books written by international boxing champion Kostya Tszyu and Baywatch actress Erika Eleniak, among other well-known authors.

Come experience an extraordinary event full of healing messages from loved ones in heaven. They want you to know that they’re still part of your life. Join him for this truly extraordinary event.

Early Life and Education

After the war, Monroe returned to Virginia and served as state senator. He opposed ratifying the Constitution while supporting Jefferson’s campaign for president in 1800.

As soon as Monroe returned to Washington in 1808, dissident Republicans nominated him to run against James Madison for the Democratic-Republican presidential nomination. Monroe insisted that their differences lay only in foreign policy issues while agreeing on domestic politics issues.

Uncle Daniel is revered by all in Ergastulum as an essential member of its Twilight community and its protection. Distinguished by an elaborate doublet, flowing white ruffled shirt, leather boots, sword, and signature eye patch; Uncle Daniel acts as the cornerstone for these principles to exist and is revered by them all.

Professional Career

Daniel Monroe is an esteemed evidential psychic medium. He offers healing messages from spirit filled with love, validation and healing for those seeking him out. Additionally, Daniel serves as career and leadership mentor on multiple local and international platforms.

He served as an art instructor at Western Michigan University, and has illustrated over 25 books. Most recently he assisted Kostya Tszyu with her children’s book written with Dustin Warburton as co-authors.

Monroe is best known for his writing and painting. Additionally, he can often be found performing as the villainous Dragon Theatre actor or Captain Wallace himself on live shows hosted by PMN and known for his pirate persona complete with doublet, flowing white ruffled shirt, sword and an infectious pirate laugh.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel decided to move to Vinewood after working as a bodyguard, where his hardworking nature allowed him to quickly earn enough cash and purchase himself an expensive BMW.

One day while attending a party at a local club, he got into an altercation with some individuals affiliated with football hooligannism. Following right hooks and uppercuts from these attackers, he fell unconscious to the ground.

Matthew would listen carefully whenever Daniel would share stories of life in America with him, hoping one day to achieve it himself and experience its dream-like atmosphere for himself. Daniel died May 14, 2022 from Newberry, FL (originally Lake City). He attended Cross Baptist Church of Ellisville.

Personal Life

Daniel Monroe hails from Kalamazoo with an extensive art and media background. His artwork has been featured in multiple publications as well as galleries. Additionally, Daniel serves as an illustrator for PMN Specialized in pastel portraiture.

Jamy Monroe and has given birth to Tatum. He enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers play as much as relaxing in his back yard.

Monroe claims his readings can provide healing and closure for people; however, he cautions that they should not be taken as medical, legal, or tax advice.

Net Worth

Daniel Monroe has an estimated net worth between $1 Million and $9 Million dollars. His primary source of income comes from being an illustrator.

Daniel returned to working solo again, this time as a body-guard in some of the city’s nightclubs. His hardworking nature helped him earn enough money again to buy himself a brand new BMW M5.

Daniel also returned to Jessica Kingstone’s Vinewood mansion, eagerly welcoming Matthew back as his younger brother. Daniel proudly showed Matthew all the pictures he’d taken during his stay in Los Santos – and together they enjoyed some enjoyable times together.

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