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Dan Newberry did not participate in Ballotpedia’s 2020 Candidate Connection survey. Instead, this scorecard provides an evaluation of his voting record as an Oklahoma Senate member. This page was automatically created based on Google news searches; therefore it should not be seen as an endorsement from Ballotpedia.

Early Life and Education

Established in 1887, the Newberry Library is an independent research library open to all. Its collections offer access to medieval, Renaissance, modern European and American history; maps, travel, exploration; music from Renaissance through early 20th century periods; genealogy; local history – just to name a few!

The Newberry hosts exhibitions, meet-the-author lectures, continuing education classes, teacher programs, concerts and other public programming related to its collections. Furthermore, its bookstore curates selections that highlight collection strengths and forthcoming programs.

Under Librarian Stanley Pargellis (1892-1962), the Newberry Library shifted its emphasis toward broad reference collections that would benefit a range of Chicagoans and professional scholars, notably with notable acquisitions of music scores and rare printed specimens (incunables). Fellowship programs and academic conferences were initiated, along with four research centers–notably, Renaissance Studies Center and Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies.

Professional Career

Daniel Newberry serves as Executive Director of the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, an organization which restores streams in urban and agricultural watersheds through volunteer engagement, community partnerships, and environmental education classes. Prior to that he worked as a hydrologist with both U.S. Forest Service and Hoopa Valley Tribe; additionally he is President of Siskiyou Field Institute which offers environmental science classes to adults and children of all ages – see campaign finance data provided below for his candidates/parties disclosures required of them for more details.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Newberry has earned multiple accolades from pro-life organizations and the Oklahoma State Chamber for his efforts in supporting small business growth. As an advocate of protecting life sanctity, he established the Gold Star Medal of Honor program to recognize those killed while serving since 9/11.

He served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2008-2012, receiving multiple awards and recognition for his legislation protecting people in Oklahoma’s rights and liberties.

National Park Service (NPS) Rangers Joshua Gibbs, Lindel Gregory, Patrick Jackson and Daniel Newberry received the Department of the Interior’s highest honor – The Valor Award – for their heroic efforts during a historic flood that devastated Ozark National Scenic Riverways and much of southern Missouri in April 2017. Newberry worked well into the night to protect residents.

Personal Life

Daniel Newberry has dedicated much of his personal life to stream restoration and providing consulting services for non-profit organizations. Currently he serves as Executive Director for Johnson Creek Watershed Council – a community-based organization which restores an urban and agricultural watershed in Oregon’s metropolitan area by engaging over 1,300 volunteers annually – while simultaneously providing fundraising and strategic planning services to numerous other non-profits.

Poole used his tenure at the Newberry to shift its emphasis towards broad reference collections that could benefit Chicagoans as well as professional scholars and tradespeople, and also pursued acquisitions such as those of Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company archives en bloc, helping establish it as a leader in corporate records research.

Net Worth

Luke Newberry is an accomplished British actor with a notable social media presence and impressive filmography. He has appeared in multiple movies and television series since 1987; winning a Royal Television Society Award for his performance in In The Flesh in 2016. Newberry was born 19 February 1987 in Exeter (Devon), England to father Robert and two older sisters. His estimated net worth stands at $5 Million making him one of the highest paid Movie Actors today.

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