Daniel Pants

Daniel Pants Makes a Stir in a Plain Outfit

Daniel surprised New York with an eye-catching ensemble, wearing nothing flashy but instead his Carhartt jacket and utility pants from this particular manufacturer – something often not seen online as “instagrammable.” Nonetheless, it caused quite the stir as he strolled around town wearing them.

He completed his look with a black fisherman’s hat and single gold hoop earring.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Pants is a student in ILR who serves as President of its Student Government Association, Vice-President for Public Relations for MILRSO (a minority student organization within ILR), Brother in Kappa Alpha Pi (pre-law fraternity), Host/Producer of Black Voices on the Hill podcast series as well as numerous Cornell-based podcasts/radio shows.

Daniel suffers from mental illness and has experienced periods of both elation, when he would obsessively write and draw, as well as despair. His erratic behavior led to hospital stays and violent psychotic episodes. After being eventually diagnosed as manic depressive, he has since been stabilized on medication while becoming an international cult figure; unfortunately this popularity caused momentary disruption for both his fans as well as family members and friends of Daniel himself.

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