Daniel Pianko

Daniel Pianko

Daniel Pianko is the co-founder and managing director of UV. Beginning his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Daniel recognized he could use private capital to launch socially beneficial education companies that leveraged private capital for social impact.

He contends that schools must offer more job-specific training for the available jobs in the economy and advocate for changes at a federal level.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Pianko is the co-founder and managing director of University Ventures, a private equity fund investing in higher education related companies. After starting his career at Goldman Sachs, Daniel found that his passion lay with using private capital to build socially beneficial education businesses; since then he has founded, invested, advised or boarded many such education companies including Ponce School of Medicine, Synergis Education, Galvanize Qubed Exchange as well as frequent speaking engagements at industry conventions or events such as Ponce School of Medicine’s alumni events and conventions. Daniel graduated with honor from Columbia University before going onto Stanford where he received both MBA and Masters of Education degrees.

Professional Career

Daniel Pianko began his career at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker advising on billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions. Since then, he has transitioned into education investment by investing and helping with strategic development of several educational companies.

University Ventures, a private equity firm focused on investments in higher education, was co-founded and managed by him. Additionally, he serves as board member at Ponce School of Medicine, Synergis Education, Galvanize, and Qubed. On a recent episode of The EduC podcast he discussed the significance of providing students with clear pathways to professional success through programs like UNF’s Optimum CareerPath program which has already placed over 100 students into high demand fields such as healthcare IT employment.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Pianko is co-founder and managing director of University Ventures, a fund that invests in companies that help bridge the gap between education and employment. Prior to University Ventures he established a student loan fund; worked as operating executive of a charter school; served on one of the country’s leading distributors of K-12 technology products; as well as speaking frequently at educational conferences and events.

At Goldman Sachs, he recognized the potential of private capital to establish socially beneficial education companies. Since then, he has invested, founded, advised or managed multiple educational businesses including Ponce School of Medicine, Vemo Education, Universitet Nicosia and St George’s Medical School Universitet Nicosia St Georges School Examity Qubed Education Galvanize; additionally serving on Harlem Village Academies Board as well as Horace Mann Alumni Council Council membership.

Personal Life

Daniel Pianko is an attentive husband and father. He actively participates in both Horace Mann Alumni Council and Harlem Village Academies’ Board of Trustees, making himself available whenever needed. He and his family reside in New York City where he remains active in numerous educational initiatives and investments related to education-related companies, in addition to serving as an advisor and investor. Additionally, he frequently speaks at industry events and broadcast TV programs as a frequent guest expert. He has written numerous articles on venture capital and education. As co-founder and Managing Director of University Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to education, he serves on various boards such as Ponce School of Medicine, Synergis Education, Galvanize, Qubed as well as Ponce School of Medicine itself. At Columbia University he was awarded both an MBA and M.A.

Net Worth

Daniel Pianko’s estimated net worth is $100 Million. He lives in New York City with his wife, Dune and Jack (born on the summer and winter solstices respectively). Daniel is deeply committed to arts and education and dedicates much of his free time toward these causes. Additionally, he sits on Polaris Growth Fund’s board as well as Achieve Partners’. Additionally, together with Shiv Narayanan he co-hosts ImpactAlpha podcast Better Money Better World where they discuss how Achieve Partners uses talent development techniques in their portfolio companies that maximize portfolio company growth while unlocking revenue potential and making positive changes in peoples’ lives.

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