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Experience Daniel, an internationally-recognized psychic medium, bring closure and healing messages from your loved ones in heaven. By attending his readings you’ll experience incredible messages filled with love and laughter that are sure to help bring closure and heal your heartbreak.

Readings do not offer medical, legal or tax advice and readers should seek the guidance of licensed professionals in these areas for guidance.

Early Life and Education

Daniel could have become bitter or depressed during his training in Babylon; instead he kept an optimistic approach and saw it as an opportunity to learn and serve others. This helped him stay focused on his spiritual mission while overcoming any hardships encountered along the way.

His father tried to force him into business, but he resisted just as vigorously as had his own father done. Although mathematics were allowed as subjects of study, his father insisted on forcing him to also attend botany lectures that he found uninteresting.

During this period he initiated his correspondence with Euler who helped translate his physical insights into rigorous mathematical forms. It was also during this time that he created his most noteworthy work – Mathematical exercises.

Professional Career

Daniel is a renowned psychic medium, providing validation and healing messages from around the world to many people seeking his advice. Additionally, he serves as an ordained metaphysical minister and certified spiritual therapist-in-training. Daniel lives with Cerebral Palsy and Dyspraxia which motivates him to advocate on their behalf to ensure all persons with disabilities can participate in all aspects of life.

Join us for an evening of gallery readings hosted by Quantum Light Annex and experience Daniel’s incredible live readings of your loved ones in Heaven. Experience healing messages brought directly from them during this incredible event.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel hosts the popular paranormal show “#WithinTheseWalls” on Haunted Space ViDi pay per view network, where he and his team investigate haunted locations all around the globe.

Daniel’s life was punctuated with dramatic demonstrations of faith triumphing against incredible odds. Prophetic dreams that saved lives, his friends’ escape from an inferno furnace and spending the night in a lion’s den were among several of his most dramatic accomplishments.

Daniel is also a leading teacher at The College of Psychic Studies where he runs workshops and courses on psychic and mediumistic development. Living with Cerebral Palsy and Dyspraxia himself, Daniel has always strived to ensure people with disabilities were supported in their spiritual pursuits; through gallery readings with loved ones in heaven he provides closure and peace to many individuals.

Personal Life

Though she doesn’t agree with all the criticism leveled at churches, she understands why people may feel hurt by them and warns it is essential to find spiritual communities which offer both psychological and doctrinal stability.

She also discusses her family history of mediumship; both mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers had this ability. Additionally, she has experienced various psychic and mediumistic phenomena herself including receiving messages from dead individuals through fan club members.

Daniel is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium who offers healing messages to people from all backgrounds. He practices from his studio in Clark County’s ARTS building downtown as well as providing sessions via phone and Zoom – his dedication and constant growth furthering his craft.

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