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The Life of Daniel Rickett

Ricketts attempted to introduce evidence from a tape featuring the statement “[r]un him over,” however the district court denied this as evidence because Ricketts failed to authenticate the voice on it as belonging to an officer.

On appeal, Ricketts argues that an error in the computer program used for jury selection caused his jury to be underrepresented by minorities – which he interprets as intentional discrimination in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Early Life and Education

Rickett was blessed to be born into a loving family that doted on him from birth. As the baby of five older siblings, his parents doted upon and doted on him relentlessly; even giving him nicknames such as “Danny Boone”. With an infectious smile that lit up any room he brought cheer to everyone around.

Born and raised in Armidale, New South Wales and attending Avondale College for his studies of history and English respectively. From 1980-1991 he taught Longburn Adventist College and Auckland Adventist High School respectively.

Rickett dedicated his life to serving Christ and reaching those whom we cannot reach with the message of Jesus. To fulfill his passion, he founded She Is Safe nearly two decades ago as an organization which rescues and restores women and girls who have been victims of abuse or trafficking worldwide.

Professional Career

At a time when ecology was only just emerging, Ricketts’ book introduced intertidal organisms into an ecological context. Due to its taxonomic excellence and unparalleled publication dates, this work remains one of the essential references in marine biology today.

Crista was honored as a three-time All-Atlantic 10 and four-time Philadelphia Big 5 selection while at La Salle University and stands as third on their all-time scoring list. Additionally, she was recognized by being honored with induction into the Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 2014.

Rickett’s passion for reaching those most marginalized led him to establish She Is Safe almost two decades ago, providing prevention, rescue and equipping services to girls and women victims of sexual exploitation. Additionally, he became known as an author with several published works and numerous articles under his name.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Rickett was an entrepreneur and advocate for global missions. He served on the boards of Salt and Light, a global consulting group for Christian ministries; Africa Equip Ministries in Kenya which focused on education and development among urban poor; Mustard Seeds & Mountains which provided rural development and community building efforts;

He served on the board of directors of She Is Safe, an organization dedicated to preventing, rescuing and restoring women and girls who have been trafficked or exploited globally. To date, She Is Safe has helped over 73,000 individuals across 8 countries.

In 2021, he was honored with the Howard Taylor Rickets Prize from the University of Chicago – named for a 1912 UChicago pathologist who first discovered Rocky Mountain spotted fever as its cause. The Howard Taylor Rickets Prize is one of the largest individual biomedical and biological science prizes ever awarded.

Personal Life

Daniel Rickett had an expansive heart and always displayed sincerity. He held his mother dear, modeling himself after her. Never one to criticize, Daniel never held grudges against anyone around him and was generous towards those close to him.

His passion for reaching the least-reached led him to work with organizations such as Salt and Light Ministries, Africa Equip Ministries, Mustard Seeds & Mountains and She Is Safe (an organization dedicated to helping victims recover from abuse and restart their lives), as well as serving as a consultant for various other international organizations.

He currently resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota with his wife and three children. In his free time he enjoys mowing lawns as well as reading. When fishing is available he likes taking advantage of it!

Net Worth

Daniel Ricketts reportedly holds an estimated net worth of approximately US$8 billion as of 2022, estimated by Forbes magazine as being one of the four highest valued Major League Baseball franchises (MLB). As an active shareholder of the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise – which currently sits fourth – Daniel is considered an extremely wealthy man who controls its assets to an unprecedented extent.

Ricketts is an active investor in the financial industry, owning stakes in several publicly-traded firms. Additionally, he serves on various nonprofit boards such as Midland Care, Family Service and Guidance Center and Emporia State University Foundation.

Neighbors, conservationists and county leaders in northern Sublette County have expressed outrage against his business plans in that area of Sublette County, as he seeks to open up wilderness areas for commercial development. After being denied an upzone for his proposed subdivision along Upper Hoback River Road in 2020, he submitted an amended plan with plans for building lodges and cabins at his Jackson Fork Ranch instead.

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