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Dan Rochkind and His Soon-To-Be Fiance, Carly Spindel

Dan Rochkind was recently featured in a New York Post article explaining why he no longer dates attractive women, prompting widespread internet criticism for his shallow thoughts; Carly Spindel has come out in support of him since their engagement was announced.

These two will wed this year; her mother Janis runs Serious Matchmaking as a high-end matchmaking agency.

Early Life and Education

After The New York Post ran a story featuring an unnamed private equity executive who stated they stopped dating beautiful women because they often seemed ‘full of themselves’ and incapable of holding meaningful conversation, he faced swift backlash on Twitter for his remarks. Carly Spindel, his soon-to-be wife and professional matchmaker has claimed that he has been unfairly judged.

At UMD, Rochkind studied journalism and accounting. His intent was to become both a sports journalist while also working in finance as a backup plan. Today he works as a growth investor at venture capital firm Charles River Ventures (CRV). Additionally he serves on NYU Stern School of Business’s Board of Trustees and Tipping Point’s Leadership Council; both him and his wife are UMD alumni.

Professional Career

Dan Rochkind currently serves as Chief Financial and Operating Officer for New York-based venture capital firm Marker LLC, where he manages approximately $1 billion on behalf of institutional investors and family offices. Before that he served as Principal at Siguler Guff and Vice President in Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group’s private equity groups.

He holds both his BBA and BS from the University of Maryland, serving on its Alumni Association Board of Governors as an Alumni Governor. Additionally, he is active with both Young Presidents Organization and Harvard Business School’s Global Advisory Council.

Dan Rochkind was once adept at dating attractive women; but at age 40, the New York private equity executive is finding it harder and harder to do so. According to him, conventionally beautiful people are too self-indulgent for conversation purposes and therefore he will no longer date them.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Rochkind has earned many honors and awards during his distinguished career, serving various nonprofit organizations through volunteerism.

He currently serves as a Partner at CRV, a venture capital firm, leading their growth investing initiatives. Additionally, he sits on the boards for both NYU Stern School of Business and Tipping Point.

In 2002, he began volunteering with the University of Maryland Alumni Association after meeting someone associated with them at an NCAA tournament. She informed him that alumni presence could be improved here in New York, so along with two UMD friends he began planning events and spreading the word.

He recently made headlines when he revealed in the New York Post that he has stopped dating conventionally attractive women because they tend to be too self-centered. This caused outrage; however, his soon-to-be fiancee Carly Spindel quickly came forward in his defense.

Personal Life

Rochkind hails from Long Island, New York and attended college to study journalism and accounting. While initially interested in broadcast journalism, his focus shifted when an offer in private equity came along. Since 2002 he has been active with the UMD alumni association, helping launch its presence in New York City.

He began dating young models during his 30s but eventually realized they were “full of themselves”, not having enough depth for conversation. Since then he has adopted “merely beautiful” women like Carly Spindel as potential partners and they are currently engaged.

Carly was dissatisfied with the NY Post article that quoted her fiance. She took to public forums to protest its misquote of her words and their lack of depth in thought.

Net Worth

Dan Rochkind has proven he knows his way around private equity investment, having amassed over $43 Million since joining New York exec Carly Spindel at age 40 in 2007. Unfortunately, they found themselves the subject of harsh online criticism when The New York Post published an article detailing Dan’s decision not to date attractive women anymore.

“Dan Rochkind has finally realized it is possible to date someone without being a swimsuit model or high-maintenance hottie,” the story began. Twitter quickly responded with mocking commentary about how incompatible his tastes were with seeing past appearances; then Dan took to Instagram in defense of his decision and to clarify that the article wasn’t accurate.

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