Daniel Thorson

Daniel Thorson – A Philosopher, Podcaster, and Founder of a Mindfulness Education Company

Daniel Thorson was shocked to see what had changed since his time of seclusion – such as COVID-19’s pandemic and nationwide protests against police brutality, among many other events.

Thorson hosts and works at Monastic Academy’s Emerge podcast and studies contemplative practice, adult development and systems design at their intersection. Prior to that he organized with Occupy Wall Street; helped launch Boulder Flood Relief; founded a mindfulness education company; and amassed over 10,000 (sufferable but fulfilling) hours in formal meditation practice.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Thorson is an author, philosopher, podcaster and founder of Mindful Education LLC. His focus lies in how inner transformation can catalyze social transformation; previously working for Buddhist Geeks Podcast as host.

Thorson took refuge in his cabin during the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on meditation. He pledged not to watch television or listen to radio for 75 days in spiritual self-quarantine. Upon emerging, he found his world to have changed significantly – among other things, COVID-19 had taken its toll in Vermont and inspired nationwide protests against police brutality – so when he came back out he joked with his followers “Did I miss anything?” (something which many did take very seriously indeed).

Professional Career

Daniel Thorson’s two months of solitude have given him new insights. He’s learned the significance of social distancing and experienced first-hand how people respond to tragedy. Additionally, political leadership has changed significantly and seen how people deal with tragedy differently than before.

Now, he works at the Monastic Academy where his aim is to foster an intentional community that nurtures wise and loving leaders. Additionally, he’s actively been engaged with current events like Occupy Wall Street as well as using technology for spiritual awakening with the Buddhist Geeks podcast.

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Achievement and Honors

Daniel Thorson made Iowa wrestling history while few were paying attention. Wrestling for the University of Mary, he earned 47 conference championships and four national runner-up finishes during his time there, while also coaching his teams to 38 individual and relay All-American honors as an NCAA coach.

He coached many legendary athletes and was honored with induction into the Minot State, University of North Dakota and University of Mary Halls of Fame. Additionally he served as high school coach, holding all-time state championship titles in North Dakota.

He is driven by an enthusiasm for finding elegant solutions to complex problems and living an authentic life. Joining the Monastic Academy, he hopes to become someone capable of serving humanity during moments of crisis, while simultaneously contributing to an educational institution which trains future leaders like himself.

Personal Life

Daniel Thorson emerged from his Vermont cabin after 75 days of seclusion unsure of what was in store for him. As an online philosopher and podcaster, Daniel had missed 75 news cycles — from COVID-19’s debut in America to global efforts for racial equality resulting from George Floyd’s murder at police hands – that had occurred since leaving his cabin.

Thorson is the creator of Emerge — Making Sense of What’s Next and is on staff at Monastic Academy, an institution dedicated to cultivating “wise, powerful, loving leaders for social and environmental peace”. With his interest in current events, he helped organize Occupy Wall Street while working to promote technology as a means to achieving spiritual enlightenment through Buddhist Geeks movement.

He discovered when entering a supermarket to satisfy his need for human interaction that people’s eyes darted around like they were looking out for potential threats, providing him with a new insight into just how drastically society had changed in just months.

Net Worth

Scott Thorson prefers to keep his personal life and relationship status private, although he is currently single.

His foray into entertainment started when he met and began an intimate relationship with Liberace, an eccentric pianist known for his lavish lifestyle and global travels. While initially content with their relationship, eventually dissatisfaction set in and a palimony lawsuit was filed against Liberace.

At age fourteen, Thorson’s mother helped him acquire Game Maker software. With it he used Game Maker to develop several small pay-what-you-want games as well as collaborate with fellow programmer Chevy Ray Johnston on creating TowerFall arcade game. By 2013, this team had changed to Matt Makes Games to recognize Thorson as sole creator of their games.

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