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Each week this fall, inmates at Maine DOC log on to Zoom calls and prepare to debate undergraduate students from MIT as part of an innovative new event that is expanding prison-based debate across the nation.

On Friday in Nantucket, Daniel Throomp was arrested on charges of breaking into a woman’s home, beating and robbing her.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Throop of Lebanon, Connecticut marched with the 2nd Regiment of Light Horse Militia from Lexington in 1775 as one of many soldiers charged into battle en masse; but only he survived to buy a farm in Michigan afterward.

Daniel became an expert on Babylonian affairs and gained the ability to interpret dreams and visions. Daniel’s Book, part of the Old Testament’s Ketuvim (Writings), chronicles his training and experiences while serving King Nebuchadrezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I, Cyrus I and their successors; scholars believe its composition took place after Babylonian Exile (6th century bc); its language indicates such composition; similarly its religious ideas do not fit its exiled period either.

Professional Career

From 1975 to 1982, Throop worked at Philadelphia Steel Corporation as a shear and saw operator, later moving onto inventory control clerk work and eventually sales management before becoming General Manager/Executive Vice President of PSC.

Throop is also an accomplished writer, having won honorable mentions at both PEN America’s Prison Writing Contests and his own Breathe Into the Ground: The 2020 Prison Writing Anthology with both poetry and dramatic pieces. His play “Limbo” was published as part of this anthology.

On Oct. 12th, Maine DOC inmates and Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduates will debate over the resolution: “The United States should place term limits on Supreme Court justices.” Prison Journalism Project spoke with Throop over Zoom about his debating experience and to learn more about the National Prison Debate League he recently helped launch.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an award-winning author, speaker and mentor committed to improving education and advancing social equality. As founding member of Prison Debate League he was honored with both PEN America’s 2021 L’Engle-Rahman Mentor of the Year award as well as Toastmasters International’s Leadership Excellence award for project management.

An underground movement of four men and three women currently serving time in Maine prisons are meeting weekly via Zoom call to practice for their historic debate against undergraduate students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Throop’s knowledge, this marks the first time ever an incarcerated team has ever triumphed against live-streamed engineering, economics and pre-law students at a top research university; their topic: whether Supreme Court justices should have term limits.

Personal Life

Daniel Throop is an award-winning poet, author, educator and debate coach. Additionally, he founded the National Prison Debate League as well as advocating for education and social equality; being selected as a 2021 L’Engle-Rahman Mentor by PEN America as well as receiving Toastmasters International’s Leadership Excellence Award for project management from Toastmasters International.

Every week this fall, four men and three women incarcerated in Maine have joined a Zoom call from correctional facilities across the state to prepare for live debate against undergraduate students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They represent the inaugural participants in an Alliance for Higher Education in Prison debate competition held every spring in Denver.

Sandra Kay Throop of Connersville, Indiana passed away January 8, 2014. Born July 30 1944 and born at Connersville Hospital she leaves behind eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; six of which survive her.

Net Worth

According to SEC filings, Darren D Throop’s net worth has reached at least $9.3 million since 2015. Since 2015 he has participated in 11 trades of Hasbro stock totalling more than $727,463. On June 10, 2022 he exercised 9,994 units valued at over $727,463 through an exercise transaction.

GuruFocus tracks insider trading activity through SEC filings and GuruD Throop has made no insider trading transactions in the last five years, however GuruFocus tracks his complete history of form 4 insider trading here. In addition, Darren D Throop owns 8,341 shares of Imax Corp stock which were issued as gifts – this fact inspired two places naming themselves after him: Cayuga County town of Throop in New York State and Brooklyn street named Throop Avenue both bear his namesakes!

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