Daniel VBS

Daniel VBS

Daniel VBS allows children to step into Daniel and his friends’ story of keeping faith despite living in an increasingly religiously irreligious culture. This Old Testament theme emphasizes courageous conduct during uncertain times while resisting social pressures to conform.

This curriculum supports age-inappropriate gender roles and fails to consider Scripture in its historical context and the legacy of Christian supersessionism and American imperialism. Furthermore, single verses from different contexts are taken out of context to teach daily Bible points.

Early Life and Education

Eleanor Daniel was for many years the principal consultant for Standard Publishing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she developed one of the most sought-after Vacation Bible School curriculums across North America.

Eleanor Daniel was raised in a home where neither she nor her family regularly attended church; however, Eleanor’s mother professed faith and was active with their local congregation.

King Nebuchadnezzar forced Daniel and his friends into captivity in Babylon where they faced an ultimatum between obeying King Nebuchadnezzar’s rules or following God’s. Daniel made choices that placed their lives at risk, yet never wavered from their belief in Him: they refused the food offered by Nebuchadnezzar; practiced prayer when forbidden by law and refused to bow before an image depicting Nebuchadnezzar.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was blessed with both natural and divine abilities that enabled him to excel at his position within the palace. He served kings, satraps and was sought out to interpret dreams and visions for interpretation by King Darius I of Persia and satraps alike. Daniel was also very obedient toward God – He honored him by giving him leadership positions, long life expectancies and visions of future prophetic visions for which Daniel provided interpretations for their interpretation by King Darius I of Persia.

Daniel had been speaking against God’s will by refusing to eat from King Darius’ table; therefore Melzar agreed to put Daniel through an experiment wherein only vegetables were eaten for 10 days (having volunteer read verse 8). Daniel passed this test successfully and continued being faithful.

Personal Life

Daniel was known for his strong character and spiritual integrity. This allowed him to serve as an invaluable advisor to several powerful world leaders, while possessing gifts of insight, wisdom, dream interpretation, and visionary skills – always giving credit and glory to God in everything that he did.

Instead of giving in to his position or job demands, he remained true to his convictions despite their position or demands – for instance by refusing the King’s food and praying against the law when it was forbidden. Over time his colleagues devised plans to have him killed by throwing him into a den of lions.

God miraculously spared Daniel from death and his story continues to inspire believers around the globe. During his lifetime he wrote numerous books including his most well-known work – Daniel’s Book.

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