Daniel Wald

The Life and Times of Daniel Wald

Dan was an unselfish family man with an intense interest in learning new things. An avid DIY-er, Dan could often figure out ways to fix practically any problem on his own.

He sought to put an end to Hollywood’s obsession with glamorous private eyes and emphasize instead the gritty work of police detectives, depicting dogged detectives who would fight until justice was served.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Ross Wald was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Over time he studied with various spiritual and awakened teachers but nothing resonated as strongly until discovering VortexHealing.

He is also the author of The Healing Power of God and co-owner of Tip Top Western Wear in Little Rock.

Wald was heavily influenced by both Miss Martha Cruttenden’s English and French Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Little Girls and the Settlement House movement, where college-educated individuals lived among urban poor, teaching job skills, money saving strategies, cooking/cleaning methods and other life skills to them. Upon leaving high school Wald attended another private “finishing school”, known as Miss Martha Cruttenden’s English and French Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Little Girls; its goal was to produce refined young ladies capable of marrying wealthy men; it aimed at producing refined young ladies capable of marrying wealthy men as she herself eventually married one such wealthy. Additionally Wald was heavily impacted by both groups – Miss Martha Cruttenden’s English and French Boarding and Day School’s mission was strongly impacted by settlement house movement where college educated individuals lived among urban poor and taught job skills, moneysaving strategies, cooking methods as well as life skills such as how-to cook/clean methods as well as life skills such as how-to cook/clean methods etc.

Professional Career

Daniel brings over 35 years of advertising agency experience across all major holding companies (IPG, Publicis and WWP) as well as independent agencies. He has worked both as account management and new business.

Writer and scholar, Dr. Cannon has contributed many professional publications in the areas of earthquake rupture processes, characterizing seismic waveforms and their inversion, strong motion hazards prediction (including liquefaction and building damage prediction), macroseismic intensity studies and risk evaluation.

As one of The Legal 500’s leading business litigation lawyers for nine consecutive years and was recently honored as a New York Litigation Star, his clients describe him as being “incredibly smart” and first-rate trial lawyer who quickly grasps complex legal issues. Additionally, he serves on our Pro Bono Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Wald was an accomplished author who penned numerous movies and television scripts. Additionally, he taught cinema at several universities. Wald’s movie, The Naked City was considered an early classic film noir movie and has inspired several television detective series today.

Wald devoted his later years to writing books and articles on various subjects. Additionally, he provided consulting services to business organizations on leadership and organizational behavior issues.

In 2021, Wald was honored with the Folkert Belzer Award – presented annually to an individual from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health faculty who has made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. With over 260 peer-reviewed publications and 35 funded grants under his belt relating to pediatric sinusitis microbiology, diagnosis, and treatment; as well as being widely considered one of the finest teachers in his field; Wald earned this accolade with distinction.

Personal Life

Wald was an inspiring teacher, encouraging his students to think deeply. Additionally, he wrote religious documentaries for the National Council of Churches and served as television adviser for Methodist Church television services. Furthermore, he was known as an expert on foreign literature as well as film.

He was also active in politics, giving speeches against war. Later in life he developed an interest in spirituality.

In 1932, he traveled to Germany and worked in Otto Warburg’s laboratory dedicated to studying biologically active molecules. It was here where he made an important discovery involving retinal chemical related to vitamin A that plays an essential part in vision – meaning there was previously unknown component responsible. This finding signified the discovery of yet another key molecule involved with vision that had yet to be identified.

Net Worth

Daniel Wald, better known as the warm-blooded shark from ‘Shark Tank,’ reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $120 million. He joined his wife Lori Greiner when she invented an intricate plastic box to organize earrings – and has been essential in its growth and success ever since. As Vice President and CFO of For Your Ease Only (a company she created with him as its Vice President and CFO), which became very profitable (including an excellent deal with QVC). They split their time between Philadelphia and Chicago (where their business based), owning lavish homes both places.

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