Daniel Wilmoth

The Life of Daniel Wilmoth

Daniel Wilmoth is an American filmmaker known for creating hybrid forms of experimental, narrative and non-fiction cinema. Additionally, he teaches Film, Video and New Media courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He is widely recognized for his impressive accomplishments and awards in his career, in addition to being revered for his hard work and devotion.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wilmoth was born and educated in Colorado, attending Metropolitan State University of Denver before going on to become an accomplished aviator, flight instructor, and national competitor of aviation aerobatics. Additionally, Daniel served his nation in the Air National Guard as an aircraft armament systems technician – leading him to be described by those around him as hardworking and dedicated individuals.

He is survived by his wife, Pencanna “Pence” Woodruff Wilmoth; two sons and daughters-in-law Daniel Broz Wilmoth and Jodi and Benjamin Busby Wilmoth and Candace; as well as six grandchildren.

Daniel Wilmoth married Elizabeth (Bettie) Seay on January 8, 1867 at age 22, in Virginia. They had one child together: Alfred Thomas Wilmoth who later had four other siblings and eventually died at 54 in 1900 in Virginia where the marriage took place. MyHeritage DNA test takers descended from Daniel Wilmoth are 111 in number!

Professional Career

Daniel Wilmoth has shown tremendous dedication and passion in his service with the Colorado Air National Guard. His superiors have noted his hard work ethic. Working at Aircraft Armament Systems Squadron, Daniel stands out as a true leader within his unit.

He has proven his dedication to his profession by consistently providing high-quality training to his students, which has resulted in numerous achievements for the unit.

Daniel Wilmoth has an avid passion for aviation, making him a highly qualified instructor. As such, he serves as a true inspiration to those around him, with bright future ahead. Over one hundred MyHeritage DNA test takers are descendants of Daniel Wilmoth; click to connect and discover your family history!

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Wilmoth takes great pride and dedication in the work that he does and his career as an Aircraft Armament Systems Technician. Through hard work and determination he has earned the respect of both superiors and peers.

He has received many recognitions and honors in recognition of his hard work and commitment to his career, such as:

Howard D Wilmoth was born February 5th 1918 and passed away November 17th 1998 aged 80 in Dobson North Carolina. He was married to Pearl Frances Wilmoth (nee HARDY). They shared 5 children together. Howard served in Colorado Air National Guard with immense pride, serving with distinction.

Personal Life

Daniel was a Colorado native and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Aviation and Aerospace Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver. A passionate member of the Colorado Air National Guard, he served his unit with great dedication.

His artwork has been shown at venues worldwide, such as the Kunst Museum Bonn, National Gallery of Armenia, Television Canal+(a), as well as various venues throughout the US and Europe. Additionally, his short films have been shown at American Dance Festival Impakt Festival Dumbo Art Center Cambridge International Film Festival among others.

Daniel was a deeply proud and humble individual who enjoyed spending time with family, friends, and the great outdoors. His absence will be felt by all who knew him but his legacy will live on through those whose lives he touched.

Net Worth

Daniel Wilmoth was an extremely accomplished individual, boasting years of knowledge and experience. Dedicated to his work and generous in giving back through volunteerism, Daniel achieved much in his career and enjoyed living a fulfilling life with his family.

He enjoyed all things technology, Marvel movies, dancing and golf – activities he left his friends and family who mourn his passing deeply.

He married Nancy Wilmoth (nee Ferguson) before 1940 and together they had one son: Levi M Wilmoth. On month day at age 87 in West Virginia he passed away and was laid to rest there alongside five of his siblings: Margaret A Eldridge, Jannet Tye and the others.

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