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Don Winslow – A Godfather for Our Time

Winslow has served as a district court judge, chief legal advisor to former governor Mitt Romney and state representative in New Hampshire. Additionally, he currently holds the presidency of the New England Legal Foundation.

He hosts the popular weekly podcast “Sidebar With Dan Winslow.” This show examines topics at the intersection of law and business.

Early Life and Education

Winslow earned his master of business management from Southwestern College and has served as partner or counsel at small and large law firms alike, in addition to heading up a publicly-traded software support company. Additionally, he served at senior levels across all three branches of Massachusetts state government–eight years as district court judge and then Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division–during this timeframe.

He currently serves as president of New England Legal Foundation, a non-profit that assists underrepresented entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he plans to launch the Equalizer Institute – a free legal clinic offering assistance for entrepreneurs who cannot afford their own attorneys – across six New England states. Furthermore, Sidebar With Judge Dan Winslow explores topics at the intersection between business and law.

Professional Career

As a former district court judge, chief legal advisor to Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, and two-term state representative – serving at senior levels across all three branches – Winslow has served at every level of Massachusetts government. Today he works at one of Massachusetts’ premier law firms as partner and is Chief Legal Officer for an online software support provider with national reach.

Winslow has used his resume to position himself as someone who can tackle real issues head-on, drawing fire from Democrats in his primary race against former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez of Cohasset and equity fund manager Michael Sullivan from Abington. Additionally, Winslow has campaigned on creating the Justice and Economic Innovation Institute – an amicus brief filing service to highlight free market policies – an organization which could file amicus briefs in support of free markets policies.

Achievement and Honors

Don Winslow offers us an exquisite novel of revenge and violence set from deserts south of the border to Wall Street and Washington DC, in this captivating new novel of vengeance and violence that spans from deserts south of the border, through Wall Street and DC marbled corridors, into an examination of a young generation of narcos, police, money launderers, addicts, real-estate moguls and politicians – a Godfather for our time.

Winslow has established an impressive record ranging from his time as a district court judge, Norfolk moderator and chief legal counsel of software support company Rimini Street. Additionally, he serves as president of NELF which was established in 1977 to advocate free enterprise and property rights, balanced economic growth and good government.

NELF has filed over 500 amicus briefs – including several before the Supreme Court – to represent business interests on critical decisions affecting our region. Through its work in tax refunding and arbitration industry reform, it has also strengthened freedom of contract rights.

Personal Life

Winslow, who is running as a Republican for state Senate in Massachusetts, was previously a presiding district court judge and two-term member of the House. Additionally, he provided legal guidance to former Gov. Mitt Romney as his Chief Legal Advisor while simultaneously working at several Boston law firms as either partner or senior lawyer.

Winslow attributes his success to the work ethic instilled by both of his parents, who raised their family in an old trailer where UMass now houses dorm complexes in Amherst. His mother was first-generation Italian-American who worked as a nurse.

While running for Senate, Winslow has promoted his beliefs that the Republican Party needs to broaden its appeal by reaching out to women, minorities and young voters. If successful in his bid for office, Winslow states he won’t return to private practice as planned.

Net Worth

Winslow is best known for his political work and has amassed millions from it. Additionally, he pursued a successful legal career serving as Chief Legal Counsel to Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney; having extensive expertise in intellectual property protection, alternative resolution of commercial disputes, state and federal regulatory law compliance as well as corporate compliance responsibilities and product liability liability issues.

He served as president of the New England Legal Foundation before taking up employment with Las Vegas-based software support firm Rimini Street where he serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer – over 36 years’ worth of experience!

As an actor, he has appeared in television shows such as One December Night, The Good Fight and Madam Secretary as well as film projects such as The Homosexual: A Social Media Tragedy and Noir.

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