Daniel Wisnewski

Daniel Wisnewski – A Lifelong Buffalo Bills Fan

Daniel Wisnewski was first and foremost a caring son and brother, before becoming an attentive father and friend. Additionally, he was an ardent Buffalo Bills supporter and dearly loved his golden doodle Teddy.

Dan excels at cultivating strong and lasting relationships with his clients. He understands that each client’s financial goals and dreams differ, so his approach is tailored specifically to suit their individual requirements.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised in Fairport, NY, where he cherished family time and was an ardent Buffalo Bills supporter. Daniel also found great comfort in close-knit group of friends he found online as well as playing video gaming he met from all around the globe – especially with game nights with cousins and online gaming partners from all over. Rock and roll music were among his passions and Daniel would often play it while watching football or following sports teams on TV.

His passion for music led him to research schools where he could acquire the necessary skills. After much deliberation he decided upon Full Sail University as the perfect place for him to develop his craft.

He will be greatly missed, leaving behind parents, sister Tara and an extended family of many more members.

Professional Career

Wisniewski earned Pro Bowl recognition while playing for both the Oakland Raiders and Penn State Nittany Lions, where he helped them to an undefeated national championship season in 1986.

As part of his duties with the Raiders, he excelled at blocking opponents. His strength allowed him to pin them against the ground and prevent them from breaking free – earning him a reputation for being one of the toughest linemen in NFL.

He was an attentive family man with strong church and youth commitments, including coaching his young children in soccer. Additionally, he worked as both voice actor and stage performer; notable stage performances include Romeo & Bernadette (Off-Broadway) and _The Imbible: Day Drinking_ (World Premiere and Suzi Bass Award nominee). Furthermore, he has done voice work for several acclaimed indie publishers like Podium Audio.

Achievement and Honors

He was an active member of his local community and served on the county park commission. Additionally, he held membership with Northwoods Land Trust and Trout Unlimited and was immensely proud of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

His service in state government included acting as chief of staff to three governors, purchasing and protecting state lands through Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund purchases and protection, among many other tasks.

He enjoyed spending his free time playing video games with his cousins and friends from around the country, spending time with Teddy – his golden doodle dog companion who was always by his side – as well as cheering for the Buffalo Bills on television.

Personal Life

Dan was deeply committed to his family, especially his daughters Jalyssa Sage and Luna Sage, whom he adored dearly. He enjoyed spending time with close friends as well as attending all Bills games both live and via television broadcast. Additionally, he participated in the Wisnewski family Fantasy Football league actively and took it very seriously.

Dan was passionate about mechanical engineering and enjoyed dismantling things to see how they functioned. He was an outstanding teacher who always wanted to help those around him.

Dan leaves behind his proud parents Darlene and Michael, sister Tara and an extended family who will miss him dearly. He was immensely thankful to his CP of Rochester therapy team who were always there for him.

Net Worth

Daniel was an ardent Buffalo Bills fan, attending many games both live and online with friends from around the globe. Additionally, he took great pleasure in participating in his family fantasy football league; becoming an active member of Wisnewski family Fantasy Football League was something Daniel took very seriously.

He graduated with distinction from Fairport High School and Rochester Institute of Technology and leaves behind loving parents, his sister Tara, as well as an extended family that included many pet golden doodles such as Teddy.

Daniel Wisnewski is an SVP at Biotelemetry Inc and has sold an estimated $5 Million worth of shares since 2016.

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