Daniel Woofter

Who is Daniel Woofter?

Daniel Woofter can be found living at 2907 Price Rd, Moscow TN 38057 in Fayette County and can be uncovered through running an individual search of their address, relatives and public records.

Dr. Alexander specializes in Supreme Court and federal appellate litigation and serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, instructing J.D. students participating in its Supreme Court Institute judicial clerkship practicum.

Early Life and Education

Daniel R Woofter hails from San Leandro, California and attended San Leandro High School before enrolling at Boston Conservatory of Music to earn a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, while attending law school at Georgetown University he participated in its inaugural Supreme Court Institute and clerked for Justice Pamela Harris of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals as well as Judge Judith E. Levy from Michigan’s Eastern District District Court.

Goldstein & Russell, P.C. currently employs him as a partner. As such, he briefs dozens of federal appellate and Supreme Court cases, representing clients ranging from multinational corporations to pro bono capital defendants. Furthermore, he has appeared before the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth Circuits as well as various state and federal trial courts for arguments.

Professional Career

Daniel Woofter practices law in Washington, D.C. He has appeared before both the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate courts, serving on multiple appeals before them both. A partner at Goldstein & Russell P.C. who specialize in Supreme Court and federal appellate matters; in addition he taught JD students at Georgetown Law School where he participated in their inaugural Supreme Court Institute Judicial Clerkship Practicum under Dori Bernstein’s guidance.

Daniel has briefed dozens of cases at the Supreme Court, representing clients that range from Fortune 100 corporations to pro bono capital defendants. Additionally, he has appeared before various circuit courts including Third, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth. You may find additional information about Daniel by conducting an individual search using his name and location; public records could reveal information regarding his home address, neighbors and relatives as well as any pertinent details that can provide more insight.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Woofter was recently honored by his peers as one of the top 40 LGBTQ+ lawyers under 40. He has briefed numerous federal appellate and Supreme Court cases, representing clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to pro bono capital defendants. He has appeared as an expert witness before numerous state trial courts, served as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design, and enjoys playing basketball and music in his free time. Tom graduated with honors from San Leandro High School, earning First Team All-Hayward Area Athletic League honors for softball and basketball, before going on to obtain his Bachelor of Music at Boston Conservatory. Since graduating he has also participated in the Boston Lawyers Group 1L Summer Diversity Clerkship Program.

Personal Life

Daniel Woofter is married and the proud parent of one son. Aside from being an educator at Boston Conservatory’s Classical Vocal Performance program, his passion lies with music – in his early career he sang classical vocal music as part of an early classical vocal quartet.

He has successfully represented clients from high-profile corporate clients like Google to pro bono capital defendants before various federal appellate and Supreme Court panels, briefed, and presented oral arguments on an array of cases before federal appellate and Supreme Court courts across the United States.

Recently, Goldstein represented investors against software company Slack Technologies LLC and advocated on behalf of Epic Games Inc against Google and Apple Inc in antitrust litigation. His firm Goldstein, Russell & Woofter has since relaunched as an enterprise without him.

Search public records to gain more details about Daniel Woofter. This can provide details regarding their address, relatives, and any relevant data that can help to create an in-depth profile of this individual.

Net Worth

Daniel Woofter has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. Known for his legal career at Goldstein & Russell, P.C. (which specializes in U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate litigation) as well as teaching J.D. students at Georgetown Law School; Daniel also practices opera and classical voice performance – an early passion which began at Boston Conservatory where he studied.

Linda Vineyard Woofter survives him as well as their children Christopher Woofter, Jennifer Beilman and Jonathan Woofter; grandchildren Sam Henry and Holden; brother-in-law Phyllis McWhorter, sister-in-laws Colleen Fling and Carolyn Godbey and many nieces and nephews. His dedication to his family was clear as he always made sure to travel as often as he could see them all no matter the distance. He never wanted anyone to feel left out.

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