Daniel Yin

Daniel Yin – An Outsider’s View on Travelers Companies

Daniel Yin serves as Executive Vice President and CoChief Investment Officer of Travelers Companies. He earned both his Bachelor degree from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York University.

When his brother Steven was kidnapped, he used the negotiation techniques he learned at HBS to manage the crisis successfully and emerge with extraordinary results – but its lessons can be applied across many situations.

Early Life and Education

Yin was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. At Richard Montgomery High School he participated in debate and also studied at University of Maryland and Georgetown University.

At that time, he began attending Wushu classes after being inspired to do martial arts by seeing films starring Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

He has worked at eBaoTech for 19 years, currently holding the Director position. Known for his work on database and file management software, as well as financial and accounting roles he held previously, he now resides in Shanghai China without children or spouse to call his own, no aliases known, one associate known, no connections or affiliations known or active at present.

Professional Career

Daniel Yin was an elite two-sport athlete, known for his expertise at manipulating his teammates’ muscles when they got injured or needed stretching. This experience inspired his career choice – becoming a massage therapist.

His first experience came in the minor leagues with the Cleveland Indians, where he realized he was good at the game but not entirely fulfilled by it.

Since then, he has worked at several locations including USF as a student athletic trainer assisting athletes of various sports competing at an elite level. Additionally, he trained at Vanderhoof Sports & Wellness Institute in Palo Alto CA where he obtained certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy, Rocktape (Functional Movement Tapping 1& 2), Neurokinetic Therapy as well as several others.

Achievement and Honors

Dan’s research primarily centers around Hsp90 and its link to cancer, genetic variations’ effect on novel phenotypes, and high-throughput screening methods to test protein misfolding as a cause of neurodegeneration.

He oversees graduate admissions for the Chemical & Systems Biology department and co-directs Foundations in Experimental Biology – an introductory course for new graduate students – while serving as mentor through the Vice Provost for Graduate Education’s Solidarity, Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Mentorship Program (SoLID).

His art is lively, energetic and distinctive – in short, an expression of freedom. As an artistic conduit or vessel through which art freely flows.

Personal Life

As an outsider to Travelers Companies, Daniel Yin can bring unique perspectives and insights that may not be accessible to other members. Therefore, it is vital that he adheres to strict rules when buying or selling Travelers Companies shares.

Steven was taken away on a Friday morning when Daniel returned to campus for an executive program for owners of small businesses. Daniel immediately began increasing offers gradually but steadily, hoping that Steven might come home before all was said and done.

Daniel now splits his time between Hong Kong and Shangai, China. An active martial artist who trains wushu, Daniel shares custody with Lisa – they married in South Africa in 2010 and together love traveling and experiencing new places together. Raven was their daughter conceived during this journey together.

Net Worth

Groupe Roullier, established in 1959, provided this family’s wealth. Their net worth today stands at $1.8 billion.

Daniel and Rachel have one daughter named Raven Wu who was born in 2013. The family currently resides between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and enjoys traveling, photography and playing basketball, boxing and board sports as hobbies.

His net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $25 Million. After over 20 years in the industry, and receiving various accolades, his acting career has generated substantial revenues; in addition, he pursues other activities to supplement this income such as traveling and photography as well as practicing wushu martial arts. Being such a dedicated individual has only helped further his success.

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