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Artist Bio – Daniel Yousef

Daniel Yousef is an artist whose art explores issues surrounding identity and language. Drawing upon personal experiences as sources of inspiration, his creative output takes form through drawings, neon works and installations that reflect his Arab roots while acknowledging them through Western culture.

Early Life and Education

Contrary to medical advice, Youssef’s parents chose against terminating his at-risk pregnancy and instead decided that God promised that their son would “surrender himself to serve Him”. They credit this decision with helping keep Youssef alive.

Yousef and his associates assembled the equipment needed for both the World Trade Center bombing and an attempted assassination of President Bill Clinton. Yousef was arrested while mixing explosives in his hotel kitchen sink in Pakistan before being extradited back to America for prosecution.

While in Tempe, Youssef visited School of Politics and Global Studies Instructor Daniel Pout’s comparative government class. Reed has been impressed by how Youssef can find common ground with students from diverse political viewpoints; “he’s a brilliant commentator on societies and political structures through brilliant comedy!” he commented.

Professional Career

Daniel began working for AWS as a Technical Business Developer in 2020. Working closely with account teams and deals teams within Global Deal Strategy & Programs organization, Daniel conducts in-depth analyses on existing data center portfolios, financial obligations and challenges to identify comprehensive solutions and investments for potential investments.

He has spent 17 years serving as President, Coach and Umpire for Jersey City’s Roberto Clemente Little League – helping children develop teamwork and sportsmanship while keeping them off the streets and active through extracurricular activities.

His artistic practice centers around identity and language issues. To explore these themes, Yousef utilizes drawing, neon and installations. His art is informed by being the child of immigrants bridging two cultures and languages – two qualities reflected in his work which is represented by Skovde konsthall in Stockholm Sweden as well as Stahl Collection in New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Yousef Yousef is an accomplished YouTube vlogger with more than 11 million subscribers on his channel, “FouseyTube”. Additionally, he has collaborated with several brands including Nike, Verizon and AdBlitz.

Daniel is of Arab heritage with short dark brown hair combed over to one side and an average build. He starred in popular internet series such as Lonelygirl15 and LG15: The Resistance.

After responding to a Craigslist ad for the project, he was chosen to play Daniel. He handled most of the camerawork and writing for it as well as having his own podcast called F.O.B Life; MBMuslima Magazine listed him third among 40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40 for 2015. Additionally he was known to tinker around and had an upbeat sense of humor.

Personal Life

Daniel Youssef is a Swedish artist whose artwork explores identity and language issues through drawings, neon pieces and installations. His pieces explore border-crossing experiences while offering a platform for discussions regarding human possibilities and challenges in a borderless world.

He was one of the stars in Lonelygirl15 and LG15: The Resistance webseries, as well as providing camera work and writing contributions. Now he is working on his next project called F.O.B. Life.

On October 20, Youssef was taken into custody when police stopped his truck for traffic violations in Wilton, New York and discovered several duffel bags filled with drugs hidden within it. Now facing drug charges as well as having a wife and two children to care for.

Net Worth

Yousef enjoys an impressive social media following and is well known for his YouTube vlogs, comedy sketches, pranks and rap songs. However, he prefers not to share his phone number or address publicly and lives an off the grid lifestyle.

He and Elizabeth have four children together, including Jonathan who serves as junior pastor in their Church of the Apostles ministry. Additionally, their ministry work has led them around the globe evangelizing.

Yousef Yousef’s estimated net worth exceeds $3 Million dollars. He has made over eight trades of First Horizon stock during the last 14 years and recently exercised 28,249 units worth over $3,158,439. His largest single trade ever made was in August 2016 where 59196 units of FHN worth $559,994 were exercised – you can view all his stock trade history here.

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