Daniels Sperling

Daniels Sperling – Transportation Expert and Driver Trainer

Daniels has served on committees of the National Academies to study alternative transportation fuels, gas taxes and sustainable development issues. Additionally, he has published over 250 technical papers and 13 books.

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Early Life and Education

Daniels graduated from West Lebanon High School and attained his commercial driver license at approximately age 18. Working for Decato Brothers Trucking in New York City he gained immense satisfaction from driving industrial sites he loved attending as well as developing skills working on mechanical things – something Pierce spoke highly of him doing during these experiences.

He managed several businesses, such as bus-maintenance operations in Lebanon and White River Junction. At one point, his companies employed around 300 people – bus drivers, managers, mechanics, etc – without drawing undue attention to himself and showing strong business acumen.

He serves on the boards of directors at Cerner Corporation and Northfolk Southern Corporation, as well as various state and national boards such as Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative board.

Professional Career

Daniels takes great pleasure in sharing his wealth of knowledge as a driver trainer with students. He believes it is essential to maintain proactive driving standards which can greatly decrease accidents – this means planning trips ahead, inspecting trucks before driving off, never making assumptions and always double checking information before heading out on your journeys.

Before embarking on his trucking career, Daniel served in the Merchant Marine for several years, living aboard ships for extended periods and learning the importance of maintaining both work and family lives simultaneously. This experience provided invaluable lessons.

He now owns and operates out of Gary, IN’s Freightliner Cascadia terminal and prioritizes keeping in contact with loved ones while traveling for work – this has proven key in his happiness and success.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Sperling is an internationally acclaimed transportation expert renowned for creating innovative solutions to address today’s transportation challenges while securing its future. His efforts have been recognized with various awards and scholarships.

He served as RTA board chair during one of the worst pandemics ever experienced, emphasizing transit equity and transparency while upholding COVID-19 pay for bus operators supplementals.

Daniels received TRALA’s 2015 Top Driver honor. A Ryder Dedicated driver since 1984, Daniels has amassed more than 2.75 million collision-free miles over 31 years – volunteering his services with numerous nonprofits such as Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids and Blankets for Vets as well as writing several books such as ‘The Aerial Crossroads of America: St Louis Lambert Airport.’

Personal Life

Daniels relishes being able to witness the start of his students’ careers from their initial stages. He understands the tremendous impact driver trainers can have on students’ success, taking great pride in helping his pupils navigate 80,000-pound vehicles while upholding safety regulations.

Erno runs a warehouse in West Lebanon and owns several businesses such as RSD Transportation Corp, once a bus operation that later transitioned into a warehousing company supporting trucking operations, and also leases trucks to drivers. His training techniques emphasize trip planning and thorough inspections while stressing paying attention to every detail; never assume things! According to Marcus Aurelius (philosophical Roman Emperor), who stated, “Happiness in life depends on the quality of one’s thoughts,” his approach is built around that principle.

Net Worth

Daniels and his team of office professionals, dispatchers and mechanics have assembled a fleet of over 115 trucks providing national service. Daniels remains very involved with every aspect of his business operations; overseeing each department.

Daniel has made multiple XPO Inc stock trades over the last 19 years, according to form 4 filings with insider trading authorities. His largest transaction involved exercising 14,000 units of P.A.M Transportation Services stock on 30 July 2014 worth more than $160,160.

As chair of RTA during one of the worst pandemics of this century, he led efforts to advance transit equity and transparency by returning maintenance and operational functions back into public oversight, while investing in bus operator wages so they would remain among the highest paid in the country.

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