Daniels Tailor

Daniels Tailor

Daniels Tailors offers premium dry cleaning services using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, while providing outstanding customer service.

Construction, altering, and repairing garments to customers’ designs, specifications, and preferences. Measurement taken and fabric selection made easier while fittings provided to meet each customers unique requirements.

Early Life and Education

Daniels Tailors is a family owned and operated business. Their bespoke clothing is created using exquisite fabrics sourced from English and Italian mills and applied using age-old techniques, making each garment truly personal to each of their clients.

Daniel joined the Ohio History Service Corps, an AmeriCorps program focused on supporting local history organizations. Initially he served at NAAMCC and later Wilberforce University where they housed numerous historical collections that he was able to manage effectively.

After starting as an apprentice at a local tailor shop, he gained enough experience to secure employment at Benson and Clegg.

Professional Career

As soon as he turned 12, Dan received a pair of scissors from a Saudi Sheikh and was told he could become one of the world’s finest tailors with care and perseverance. Since that time, he has endeavored to fulfill this prophecy.

Over the last thirty years, he has served aristocrats and internationally acclaimed entertainment, sports, and political figures from aristocratic families to internationally-recognized entertainment, sports, and political figures. His clients form relationships with him that enable them to trust him to make them look their best. His duties include assessing customer needs; taking accurate measurements; altering garments as per client requests and repairing tears or holes on garments – his services are offered worldwide with his team of drapers, stitchers and cutters all working alongside him – truly master of his craft!

Personal Life

Since becoming a tailor, Dan has provided clothing to many successful people from around the globe, including British aristocracy and prominent entertainment, sports, and political figures from around the globe. He creates personal relationships with his customers to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for.

He takes great pride in being honest with his clients and, if something won’t look quite right, will inform them before starting work on it. In addition, he takes time to get to know each client individually by asking questions about lifestyle and preferences.

At Pitt, Daniels has held many leadership roles and organizations. These include co-chairing Pitt’s Etiquette Dinner and co-ordinating SWE’s FY21 Leadership Coaching Program (LCC) for eight collegiate sections; she is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Order of Omega Greek honor societies.

Net Worth

Daniel has amassed an impressive fortune through his career, affording him the ability to live an extravagant lifestyle with his family. However, Daniel prefers not to share details of his private life in public and prefers keeping it under wraps.

Daniel is an extremely generous person who has donated to multiple charities and supported LGBTQ rights. Additionally, he has made many films and Broadway plays with his acting talent.

Harry Potter cemented him as one of the highest paid actors worldwide, and since then he has appeared in multiple movies and television shows such as The Woman in Black, Kill Your Darlings, Imperium and Swiss Army Man – not forgetting upcoming projects Jungle in which he will feature as an actor. Currently living in New York City.

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