Danita Tutt

Danita Tutt and the Tutt Family

A mother tried to kill her son by infusing him with fake illnesses, and the Tutt family has been focusing their attention on her. After being convicted of attempted killing, Danita Thetford was sentenced to five year imprisonment. Although the charges against her were serious she is innocent of all allegations. She was found guilty of starving her son, and causing him unnecessary surgery. The child was eventually found to be suffering from the effects of the fake diseases and was eventually admitted into hospice care.

Matthew was the son of the family at the time. The mother was not penalized for the injuries, although the child sustained injuries to his legs. Tutt’s conviction was due to her negligence in the care of her son and denying him food and water. However, the repercussions of the abuse are far-reaching. Although the case has been widely reported, the Tutt family is still having difficulty adjusting to her conviction.

Despite her remorse and grief, the surviving members of her family were able to hold back tears as the judge read the verdict. Tutt was originally sentenced for causing bodily harm to a child and for attempted murder to five years. Tutt’s lawyers claim they are appealing the sentence. This means that they are still considering all options. However, the case has resurfaced after the family reacted to the verdict.

Danita Tutt, a mother, lied to doctors about the condition of her son. Despite knowing that she was starving her son, she told doctors that her son was “medically fragile” and “was going to die.” When doctors found out this, Child Protective Services took emergency custody of Colby. After the incident, the hospice workers reported that Danita refused to feed her son or give him water. She was also making funeral arrangements to Colby.

Tutt lied about the circumstances surrounding the death of her son, who was 14 years old. She also denied any medical treatment for her son because the doctors deemed it too risky for her son to survive. Tutt was then ordered by the court to remove her son. Tutt also refused to let her son receive any food or therapy. She was also accused in causing her son’s severe weight loss and low bone density.

Terri Moore, Tutt’s defense attorney, testified that Tutt was distraught during the sentencing phase. She was “flat on the face” in court. The mother never dreamed of spending time in court. Her attorney advised her to keep her cool. The mother’s defense lawyer, Terri Moore, said that the doctors who treated Colby should take the blame for what happened.

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