Dave Helgerson

The Dave Helgerson

David Helgerson is a co-owner of Grounds for a Better World, which owns two coffee shops and donates proceeds to 10 non-profit partners. Additionally, Helgerson serves on the board of Upstate Venture Association of New York.

Helgerson, a managing director at private equity firm Hamilton Lane, noted an upstate New York that is experiencing more optimism due to new entrepreneurial opportunities. To this end, he’s joined forces with banks and other investors to invest in companies like Autotask, which creates software designed to assist IT service providers manage help desk support, billing services and other operations more efficiently.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Helgerson has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years, working primarily as an executive and consultant. He currently resides in West Central Minnesota with his wife and two dogs, where he takes pride in being part of their family and encourages lifelong learning. Dave Helgerson has earned a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional communicator, team player and dedicated leader within his profession. Dave Helgerson exemplifies the best practices in customer service and relationship building, as evidenced by his dedication to aiding his clients in their mission to save lives, protect assets, and boost productivity. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic supporter of local charities that matter most to him. It is likely that The dave helgerson will remain in business for some time to come.

Achievement and Honors

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Aside from the honorific awards you receive, your personal achievements during undergraduate study are also noteworthy. For instance, you might have become an accomplished writer, acquired leadership skills, or built a vast network of friends and colleagues.

Personal Life

David Helgerson is no slouch when it comes to business acumen. For most of his career, he’s been the president and founder of Hamilton Lane Consulting Group, an elite consulting firm that specializes in business development and strategic planning. His company runs like a well-oiled machine and boasts an impressive client list of executives searching for the next big thing in their industry. David is a certified business development specialist who excels at making the right connections at the right time, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty either. On the home front, Helgerson is married to his high school sweetheart Beth and they have two daughters as well as two rescue dogs. Aside from their professional lives, Dave and Beth have a lifelong commitment to volunteering for charitable causes within their local community.

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