Dave Jarrett

Dave Jarrett

Dave Jarrett is a renowned musician, having been active in both jazz and classical music since childhood.

He has achieved great success in the business sector. Additionally, he runs a small excavation business which constructs rock walls, waterfalls and other related structures.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Jarrett made a career out of professional wrestling, beginning in his father’s Continental Wrestling Association. In 1993 he was signed by the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and donned his signature country music star gimmick: “Double J.”

As a third-generation wrestler, he also worked with the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling. After leaving WCW in 2001, he co-founded Impact Wrestling with his father.

He and Trisha Payton established the Jarrett Payton Foundation in 2011, creating a full-time business out of education, sports and mentoring. Through this endeavor, both have found fulfillment through their passion projects.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Jarrett has achieved and received many honors during his life. As an accomplished musician and composer, his recordings can be found on ECM Records.

He earned a place in the WWE Hall of Fame for his abilities as a pro wrestler, and will be inducted at WrestleMania 34 in April.

His success as a jazz pianist has allowed him to pursue an additional career as classical composer and pianist. He has created solo piano pieces, concertos for piano and orchestra, and works for symphony orchestra and percussion instruments.

He has played the harpsichord, clavichord, organ, soprano saxophone, drums and various other instruments as part of his performances with other groups or as an accompanist to singers. Miles Davis was an influential musician in shaping his views about music and improvisation which continues to this day.

Personal Life

Dave Sparks is an American businessman. He co-founded Dieselsellerz, a company that repairs and upgrades diesel vehicles. Additionally, he owns his own YouTube channel where he shares his projects.

He is married and proud father to Charley Mae Sparks, Beau Sparks, and Mack Sparks.

Dave Jarrett is an avid reader and enjoys writing in his spare time. Additionally, he plays guitar for the literary rock band, the Rock Bottom Remainders.

He married Ashley Bennett Sparks in 2009 and they have three children. As a family, they enjoy spending quality time together as well as traveling together.

Net Worth

Dave Jarrett is a businessman, vehicle builder and television personality renowned for his passion in diesel vehicles. His success in this field has earned him an impressive net worth as well as an impressive portfolio of assets.

He is an enthusiastic car enthusiast and enjoys driving his custom-built vehicles. Additionally, he owns a vintage truck which he uses for transporting his goods.

Dave Sparks is a self-made millionaire who has achieved success through hard work. He owns multiple vehicles and derives income from his company Diesel Brothers.

He is a successful businessman and vehicle builder best known for his role on the reality TV show Diesel Brothers. With an affinity for diesel vehicles, he dedicates himself to his work with dedication.

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