Dave McKeag

Dave McKeag

Dave McKeag was an Irishman with a knack for telling jokes, wearing his smile and sharing an infectious laugh. He was an amiable individual who earned the admiration and affection of all who met him.

McKeag was a loyalist who served in the UDA under Johnny Adair. Referred to by his colleagues as “Top Gun”, McKeag was one of the UDA’s most prolific killers.

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Professional Career

Dave McKeag has been an established figure in the business world for many years. His experience spans across numerous industries and resulted in several successful business endeavors.

He has been an accountant for several years, providing accounting, management and tax services. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to closely held businesses, individuals, and estates.

He assists businesses in increasing their profitability through internet marketing. As co-founder of ProspectMX, a company providing marketing and SEO services to mid-to-large sized enterprises, his expertise lies in this area.

Achievements and Honors

He was a UDA killer known as “Top Gun,” revered by his colleagues for his brutality. Throughout his career, he claimed the lives of at least 12 Catholics and became hero-worshipped by some loyalists as the UDA’s most lethal killer.

His grisly murders are chronicled in Loyalist Terror, a book written by former Ulster Defence Association members Peter Lister and John Jordan that charts McKeag’s rise from recruit to one of the most lethal killers within the UDA.

He was suspected of carrying out several attacks against West Belfast’s Dairy Farm shopping complex in March 1993, yet police never arrested him. Additionally, he is believed to be responsible for the murder of 22-year-old Catholic civil servant Aidan Wallace at Devenish Arms off Finaghy Road North in 1991.

Personal Life

David McKeag was a charismatic personality with an infectious laugh. He held various jobs including radio talk show host on WXTK, restaurant owner and real estate agent.

He enjoyed sailing and was a friend of the late Edward Kennedy. Known for his strong opinions and entrepreneurial drive, he was widely respected by those around him.

John Miller, a Mashpee resident who knew McKeag since the 1970s, lamented his passing Wednesday at 80. He was remembered as an “entrepreneurial genius” who explored many fields throughout his life, according to Miller.

He owned Asa Bearse House, a historic Main Street building in Hyannis that he restored and transformed into an iconic restaurant. It became a destination for locals, tourists and celebrities alike. Additionally, he created the Reading Room – a bar next to the restaurant decorated in New England style with antiques, thousands of books and upholstered chairs.

Net Worth

Dave McKeag has an estimated net worth of $1.67 Million dollars. He owns over 1,978 units of Heartland USA stock and has made 24 trades since 2017. Furthermore, his annual salary as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President at the company amounts to $911,494. Additionally, he sold some HTLF stock at a profit over the last nine years, as well as exercising 3,461 units on January 22nd 2019 for $164,536 each.

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