Dave Waggoner

Dave Waggoner

Dave Waggoner is a renowned businessman who has made his mark in the industry. He has been in business for over 35 years and is known as one of the most trusted plumbing companies in central Nebraska.

He has worked on a variety of projects including University of Nebraska at Kearney’s new University Village complex, Buckle’s new office and distribution center, Buffalo County Fairgrounds Exposition Center, and many custom homes in the area.

Early Life and Education

David Waggoner was born on February 11, 1943 in Wichita, Kansas. He is the son of Cecil and Lucille (Campbell) Waggoner. He was raised in Valley Center, KS and graduated from Valley Center High School.

During his college years, dave went to Bowling Green State University and earned a degree in chemistry. He later went on to become a public school teacher and community college professor.

He also founded Art & Understanding Magazine, which was a publication devoted to AIDS and HIV+ issues. He also served as the Editor in Chief and President of the Board of Directors. He passed away on September 7, 2022 in Hoosick Falls, NY. Survivors include his wife, Sue Yoakum; 2 stepdaughters and 3 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Professional Career

Dave Waggoner, aka the front man of Crow, had a successful professional career in the music industry. He was inducted into the Minnesota Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, and his band played with the likes of Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Starship.

He also founded Art & Understanding magazine, an innovative AIDS and HIV related publication which is still in business today. The company’s most significant product was their patented “Art of the Mess” program which involved the construction of a large scale mosaic sculpture based on a fusion of chemistry and art. The most interesting thing about it was that the tiles were created from real sewage sludge! The wacky thing was that the entire synthesis of this sewage sludge was actually performed in a single day!

Achievements and Honors

A long time member of the UT English Department, Professor dave waggoner earned international acclaim as both a poet and a novelist. He published twenty-four collections of verse and authored ten novels – the best of which is his newest release, After the Point of No Return. He was also a Chancellor of the American Academy of Poets, replacing Robert Lowell, and the editor of Poetry Northwest.

He is the recipient of a number of accolades, including being named a University of Tennessee honorary alumnus and one of four recipients of the school’s highest academic honor, the University Scholar award. He was also a recipient of the school’s prestigious Golden Tiger Award for Distinguished Service. The aforementioned award is not a salary or title, but rather a citation given annually to a select group of students who have excelled in their chosen field of study.

Personal Life

Throughout his life, dave waggoner enjoyed a variety of hobbies. He was a sportsman and loved to spend time with his family. He also had an interest in the arts and enjoyed reading books.

During his life, he also spent time volunteering at various places. He also made sure to take care of his health by undergoing regular checkups and treatments.

In addition, he had a passion for agriculture and conservation. He hoped that he would be able to help preserve the environment and contribute to the betterment of society.

He is survived by his wife, Patricia Kay Downing; and three children. He also has a number of grandchildren. He will be missed by his family and friends. He will also be remembered for his kindness and generosity.

Net Worth

Dave waggoner has an estimated net worth of $9 million. He lives a comfortable life with his wife and children.

He has appeared in sixty-six films and TV shows. He is famous for his roles in “Switch,” “It Takes a Thief,” and “Hart to Hart.”

His net worth is mainly from his acting career. He is also a popular celebrity and has a good reputation in the world of entertainment.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Echo Global Logistics Inc and owns about 268,887 shares of that company worth over $13 Million. He has no insider trading history, according to the latest SEC filings.

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