Dave Wisniewski

Dave Wisniewski

Dave Wisniewski is a well-known football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. He plays left guard on their offensive line.

He is an impressive mathematician with a quick wit and captivating personality. More importantly, his great heart always leaves him willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is a critical period in a child’s development. It shapes their physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being as well as their personality traits and learning capabilities.

Early childhood education can have a tremendous effect on a child’s capacity for academic and adult success. Studies show that children who enter school with strong social-emotional abilities and the foundations of academic success are significantly more likely to remain successful throughout their lives than those without such preparation.

FPG has long investigated the positive effects of high quality early care and education. Our research has revealed that children who attend such programs tend to be healthier, live in stable communities, and experience better economic outcomes than their peers.

Professional Career

Stefen Wisniewski is a standout student-athlete who has made the most of his opportunities both on and off the field. As the first Nittany Lion true freshman offensive lineman to start since center Joe Iorio in 1999, he is an explosive, physically productive player who is quickly being recognized as one of the best in the country.

He is the program’s highest achieving academic player, having finished the spring semester with an impressive 4.0 grade point average. He’s a strong contender for the Campbell Trophy (Academic Heisman presented by National Football Foundation), and should be named a first-team Academic All-American in 2010.

Achievement and Honors

Dave has earned a variety of awards and honors during his career. These include the Cable Ace Award for his work on Healthline, as well as two Distinction in Media Excellence Awards.

He has earned the title of Emmy-winner. An accomplished journalist, his success continues to grow throughout his career.

He is an impressively intelligent “numbers guy” with an infectious personality. Anyone who meets him is quickly won over to his circle of friends; his humility, kindness, caring and loyalty are unshakeable attributes that radiate from within his immense loving heart.

Personal Life

Dave is an ingenious “numbers guy” with an infectious sense of wit and charm. As an executive people leader at CWC, Dave has helped shape their company culture and employee experience to perfection.

He’s an enthusiastic wine, design and book enthusiast as well as an accomplished jiu-jitsu fighter. With an eye for problem solving that makes great use of technology, he strives to help others achieve success.

Tweaky Dave was an American homeless kid discovered by Jim Goldberg in the early 90s. He quickly gained celebrity status, even making an appearance on Jerry Springer’s show between 1991 and 1992. To commemorate his experience, Tweaky Dave wrote a book entitled “Raised By Wolves,” which became hugely successful.

Net Worth

Dave Wisniewski is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for his work with power pop band Valley Lodge and psych/garage rock group Painted Doll. Additionally, he’s collaborated with many notable musicians including Walter Schreifels and Moby on projects. Furthermore, Dave plays bass for heavy metal bands Diamondsnake and Thor while contributing musical scores to several movies.

He is a resident of Laguna Hills and father to two. He and his wife Nancie have been married for over 40 years. He served on the city council and traffic commissioner for Laguna Hills; additionally, he serves on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization. Additionally, he has volunteered his services at a local food pantry to aid those in need.

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