Dave Witzel

Dave Witzel

Dave Witzel is a renowned musician with an impressive list of professional accomplishments. He’s part of the EdgeLab and has founded several organizations dedicated to global change-making initiatives.

He is the coordinator of the Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator and co-founder of Global Regeneration CoLab. Additionally, he was previously employed by Environmental Defense Fund.

Early Life and Education

David Witzel is a 22-year veteran of the Air Force with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. Throughout this time, he served as navigator, public affairs officer, academic instructor and combat operations planner; additionally serving as director of quality improvement and consultant to several government agencies. With degrees in sociology, accounting and computer information systems under his belt, Witzel boasts a diverse background.

Dave was a passionate enthusiast for technology and eagerly adopted new innovations into his professional life. His expertise lay in information technology, with much of his career focused on the intersection between computer science and public policy. Dave was immensely proud to have received the TED award for best information technology blog on the Internet – which he co-authored with his son).

Professional Career

Dave Witzel has spent his career working at the intersection of technology, public policy and organizational change. His experience spans across industries such as computer services, government and education. Currently he serves as Chief of Conspiration for Green Innovators in Business Network and is a Fellow with The EdgeLab – an ecosystem design firm headquartered in San Francisco, California.

David has a deep-seated passion for customer service and helping people reach their full potential. He has served as an instructor with Total Tech, and is now Program Manager of our Transition to Trades program which assists military personnel who are transitioning out of the Army into careers in trades. Furthermore, David was instrumental in founding the Innovation Exchange at Environmental Defense Fund.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Wittzel is a pioneering figure in computer technology, public policy and organizational change. He has earned numerous awards throughout his career. Additionally, he is part of EdgeLab – a pre-competitive association of global changemakers focused on open systems and ecosystem design to bring about large-scale social transformation – as well as being Chief Conspirator at Green Innovators in Business Network.

He is also the co-founder of Forum One Communications, a 70-person Internet development company. Additionally, David received the prestigious Lester Jordan Award from CoSIDA – an organization that recognizes excellence in sports information – for his achievements. Survived by his wife Edie and daughter Roxanne, David holds many titles such as proud grandfather to Kyle and Brian; member of Towson University community; lifetime volunteer for ECAC-SIDA organization

Personal Life

Dave Witzel has been a self-described “nomad” for over half his life, traveling the United States with his family for over 50 years. Along the way he became an accomplished travel writer and photographer, chronicling roadside America through books such as The American Gas Station (1992) published by Motorbooks International; The American Drive-In followed in 1993 followed by An Ethnographic History of Route 66 for MBI Enthusiast Color Series publication.

Witzel is currently the coordinator of the Global Regeneration CoLab and a founding member of the Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator, as well as being an original founder of web development firm Forum One Communications. He previously served as chief of conspiration at Environmental Defense Fund and founded Green Innovators in Business Network; additionally, he wrote Designing Open Projects: Lessons From Internet Pioneers for Wiley Publishing.

Net Worth

David Witzel boasts a net worth of $5 million. This fortune stems from his successful career at the intersection of computer technology, public policy and organizational change. He has authored multiple tax handbooks and serves on the board of directors at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP as well as lecturing at universities worldwide. Additionally, David is proud father to Roxanne and Brian as well as grandfather to Kyle and Jakob.

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