David Alan Grier Gold Teeth

David Alan Grier

Known for his comedic chops, actor David Alan Grier has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows. He starred as Jackie Robinson in the Broadway production of “The First.” He also received a Tony Award nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play. He also won the Golden Lion for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival.

In 2008, Comedy Central introduced a sketch comedy called Chocolate News, hosted by David Alan Grier. The series is a black-oriented sendup of Dateline. The sketches get raunchy and sometimes tackle politics. The show is also less uneven than a typical episode of “Saturday Night Live,” despite its racy nature.

The sketches revolve around a geriatric general named Hank who lives in a retirement community. But, a new resident disrupts things. He’s a man with gold teeth, and he’s wearing prosthetics. He’s known as Fat Man. He asks awkward questions, and he prods Alan by asking uncomfortable ones.

Grier has starred in films such as Jumanji, A Soldier’s Story, Life with Bonnie, Streamers, and PEEPLES. He has also made his acting debut on Broadway in “The First,” playing Jackie Robinson. He also played Shelly Bragg in Gym Teacher: The Movie. He received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. He’s been a member of the cast of Dreamgirls and has appeared in numerous TV shows.

David Alan Grier was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Aretas Ruth (Dudley) and William Henry Grier. He graduated from Yale University and studied at the New York Shakespeare Festival. His mother was a schoolteacher. His father is a former police officer. He has appeared in several television shows, including “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” “DAG,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” He’s currently starring in the Netflix feature film They Cloned Tyrone. He has also appeared in the HBO series A Black Lady Sketch Show.

David Alan Grier has appeared in a number of cult films, including “Streamers” directed by Robert Altman, and the A24 film Native Son. He has also starred in the spoof movie DANCE FLICK, and the Wayans Brothers’ satirical film. He also appeared on the series Life with Bonnie. The show ran for two seasons. It earned him an Image and Golden Satellite nomination. He has also appeared on the Netflix comedy series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.

David Grier recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He brought his daughter Luisa with him to the show. He wore leopard-print basketball shorts and Adidas slip-ons. His wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Samuel Jackson were also in attendance. They looked dapper. He also drove his car to the show.

David Alan Grier has appeared in other sketch comedy series, including the NBC comedy series “Saturday Night Live” and the Comedy Central series “Random Acts of Comedy,” which lasted one season. He also has hosted a radio program, called Loveline. He’s been featured on the list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians by Comedy Central. He also starred in the stand-up special The Book of David.

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