David Bentkowski

David Bentkowski, Mayor of Seven Hills, Ohio

David Bentkowski is a graduate of Padua Franciscan High School, the University of Toledo and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. At 23, he was elected to the Seven Hills City Council.

Bentkowski was found to have made false representations in his motion for an extension of time and failed to abide by the court’s Settlement Conference Order and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. As a result, sanctions were imposed by the court.

Early Life and Education

David Bentkowski is the mayor of Seven Hills, Ohio – and he boasts an impressive local record. He boasts about his youth and often attempts to impress local officials by limiting citizen feedback at meetings and barring government employees from running for office.

He’s made it a point to meet celebrities, often by giving them formal proclamations from Seven Hills. As such, his actions have drawn much attention.

Bentkowski wrote in one of his books about a photo of himself wearing Superman tights that went viral on a gay-porn website. At the time, it was an idea he wanted to share, though now he regrets including it.

Professional Career

Bentkowski specializes in business law. As an associate professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, he offers courses related to this field of expertise.

He’s also a TV news reporter for Channel 3’s “Good Company,” having previously covered charity events featuring celebrities like Omarosa from “The Apprentice.”

But he never rests on his laurels; always striving to become even more remarkable.

He promotes his name by handing out proclamations at city events, which are typically attended by celebrities and their handlers. These events give him an opportunity to interact with many people who might not otherwise receive such recognition.

Personal Life

David Bentkowski’s life is marked by his willingness to attempt daring feats. For instance, he often attempted to limit resident input at meetings and bar government employees from running for office.

Bentkowski has an uncanny ability to get celebrities’ names out there, often by presenting them with formal proclamations from Seven Hills. This unique practice sets Bentkowski apart in local media circles and allows him to maintain his position as mayor of Seven Hills.

Bentkowski has also written a book about the power of proclamations and their ability to improve communities. This project was partially funded by the mayor himself, who estimates he spent tens of thousands of dollars on its printing.

Net Worth

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in Parmatown Mall, the mayor of Seven Hills is selling copies of his self-published book. He’s dressed smartly in a brown suit and running a booth featuring photos of himself alongside Kevin Costner and Martha Stewart.

Bentkowski has served as the city’s longest-serving mayor, garnering plenty of local recognition. He often meets celebrities and their handlers by giving them formal proclamations from Seven Hills.

Bentkowski uses this platform to gain attention in the media while also building his name recognition. During his tenure, he’s met notable individuals such as Gwen Stefani and Norah Jones.

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