David Bunker

A Profile of David Bunker

David Bunker has made an immense impact on society throughout his lifetime and served as a role model for many others.

He co-developed the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) model, an approach which has had a major impact on Physical Education teachers around the world. Furthermore, he co-authored Parenting Partners – a parent engagement system used in hundreds of school districts nationwide.

Early Life and Education

Dave Bunker was raised in a family of instrument makers and developed an interest in guitar construction from an early age. He was also inspired by Jimmy Webster’s unique style of playing the guitar.

In 1955, he invented the Touch Duo-Lectar Guitar. This instrument allows musicians to play by tapping their fingers simultaneously on both necks.

David Bunker is currently the president of his company Bunker Guitar Technology and has designed instruments for renowned musicians. His inventive guitar designs have gained him widespread recognition.

David is an incredibly resilient, connected, and insightful executive manager with a deep dedication to health and social outcomes driven by personal experience. Additionally, he possesses excellent business innovation and stakeholder management abilities as well as expert governance, strategy, financial capabilities, as well as digital marketing talent.

Professional Career

Dave Bunker is an esteemed professional golfer, but he also takes his amateur golf seriously. He’s won nearly everything that can be won in Canadian amateur golf – including three consecutive Canadian Mid-Amateurs and seven Canadian Mid-Masters (for players 40 or older).

He has also participated in two Canadian Opens and two U.S. Senior Opens, making multiple trips to the finals of both events. Furthermore, he holds multiple U.S. Senior Amateur titles.

His most notable success to date is winning the Florida Senior Amateur, a three-day competition held at Bonita Bay in Naples. Shooting an impressive 6-under par 210, he edged out Paul Royak of Tampa by three shots.

Bunker’s career spans a vast array of creative endeavors in music, lutherie and industrial design fields. His patents have been integrated into guitars and other instruments today – his mute for example is featured on most touch-style guitars currently in production.

Achievements and Honors

David Bunker had an impressive junior career at Masconomet, amassing over 2,500 yards rushing and scoring several touchdowns as a Wildcat-style tailback. Last season, however, his ascension to full-time starter for Trinity football team came as something of a blessing when both of their top tailbacks suffered injuries during Thanksgiving game against league champion Amherst.

But once he arrived at college, golf became his true passion. His first tournament of the season saw him blow past well-known seniors like Keith Decker and Brian Keenan to take home second place at both Timuquana Cup and Jones Cup. With that success under his belt, he continued to grow as a player, earning two seventh-place finishes in Timuquana Cup and Jones Cup competitions.

He’s making a smooth transition into the mid-amateur circuit, and has already found his stride. This week, Bunker will compete in the Stocker Cup – an important event that will serve as an indication of how his season will unfold.

Personal Life

David Bunker lived an exciting and varied life. His passions included hunting and fishing, but he also loved gardening and firewood stacking. Additionally, David was an accomplished cook and an enthusiastic animal enthusiast.

He was a proud father, husband and grandfather who enjoyed spending time with his family. Additionally, he enjoyed reading books and listening to music.

He toured with the Dave Bunker Quartet, performing at local clubs such as Joe’s Bar and Grill (121 S Main Street in Seattle) and Edgewater Inn (Pier 67 in Puyallup). Additionally, he performed in Las Vegas at Golden Nugget casino and appeared on Ralph Emery Show, a popular television program. Finally, he formed his own band called Dave Bunker Show which featured Pat Wilkerson, Vic Wilkerson, and Dixie Lee from Sumner, Washington.

Net Worth

David Bunker is a financial advisor based in Concord, Massachusetts and has been in the industry for 24 years. Currently he works at Bay Colony Advisors.

He holds Series 65 and 63 licenses, qualifying him as both a securities agent and investment advisor representative. Additionally, his experience includes work at Essex Private Wealth Management LLC (F/K/A Huntwicke Advisors), Ipswich Brewery Partners, Windsor Wealth Management, LLC and Essex Financial Advisors.

His net worth is $33.8 million dollars. He owns 10,307 units of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Llc stock and has made 34 trades since 2020.

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