David Carlin

David Carlin

David Carlin is an internationally acclaimed writer, creative artist and teacher whose works have been featured in film, theatre and circus productions.

He is a professor of media and communication at RMIT University, where he co-founded both the non/fictionLab research group and WrICE program. Additionally, he has written seven books including The After-Normal: Brief Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet (2019) and 100 Atmospheres: Studies in Scale and Wonder (2019). Furthermore, his widely acclaimed memoir Our Father Who Wasn’t There can be found as well.

Early Life and Education

David Carlin was born in Philadelphia in 1813 and became deaf before his first birthday. To support their family, his parents worked hard to provide for them financially.

He attended a school for the deaf, where he learned sign language and painting. This experience profoundly shaped his life.

Carlin pursued his interest in filmmaking throughout the 1970s. His first major break came while music editing Days of Heaven, a 1978 Terrence Malick period drama.

Since then, he has been an accomplished screen scoring professional, working on films such as The Last of the Mohicans, An Officer and a Gentleman, Steel Magnolias, The Black Stallion, Coming to America and Moonlighting. Additionally he conducts and supervises music for several television movies. Nowadays he holds the position of Associate Professor in Media & Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia.

Professional Career

As a stand-up comedian, David Carlins has performed in over 90 venues nationwide. With sales of more than 24 million tickets and two bestselling albums under his belt, he continues to break records every night.

Carlin has extensive experience assisting businesses to obtain and protect their intellectual property rights. His advice covers a wide range of patent matters, such as payment systems, digital data collection systems, flash memories, semiconductors, mobile devices, software technologies, telecommunication networks and high-definition projectors.

He has also worked on numerous commercial projects within the construction and real estate industries. His expertise in development and management allow him to bring an invaluable perspective to his work at APS; a comprehensive grasp of both its challenges and opportunities enables him to better serve Arlington County’s citizens.

Achievements and Honors

David Carlins is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur. He serves as President of Magellan Development Group and Chief Executive Officer of Magellan Marketing LLC.

As President, he is accountable for the company’s overall success, overseeing both development and construction management departments as well as sales. Furthermore, he plays a crucial role in financial structuring Magellan projects.

He has been named a finalist in Multi Housing News’ 2010 Executive of the Year competition.

He has been actively engaged in community relations activities, serving as board member of the Chicago Youth Program and spearheading fund-raising efforts to provide inner-city young people with a permanent center. Furthermore, Magellan began sponsoring the Chicago Spring Half-Marathon Race which has become an iconic event along Lake Shore Drive.

Personal Life

David Carlins dedicated himself to making the most of his opportunities throughout his life, while also cultivating a close connection with his family and friends.

He was born deaf in Philadelphia and attended a school for the deaf where he developed communication skills through speech and painting.

Carlin achieved success as a stand-up comedian. He began performing in nightclubs and eventually received a television contract.

By the late 1960s, he began to feel dissatisfied with both his material and environmental circumstances. He felt that his anti-establishment, rebellious routines had lost their edge and sense of wit.

Net Worth

David Carlins boasts a net worth of $1.5 million. This wealth was amassed through various means, such as acting and writing.

He and his wife Patricia Carlin own Residual Payments, the world’s largest training program for digital payments brokers. Through their business venture, they have processed billions of dollars worth of digital payments and earned tens of millions in commissions from it.

He owns an office in a 101-story skyscraper in Downtown Chicago that his firm built. Property records show he paid $6.5 million for a 68th floor unit there. As CEO of Magellan Development Group LLC – a real estate development and construction management firm that builds high-rise buildings – he oversees their development, construction management and sales departments. Furthermore, he serves on the boards of 100 Black Men of Chicago and Northwestern University Black Alumni Association.

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