David Carscadden

David Carscadden

David Carscadden is the Managing Director of EMEA for Jakks Pacific, overseeing all Jakks Pacific personnel throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Dave is an accomplished musician who enjoys playing a range of styles, such as fingerpicking and alternate tuning. He’s an excellent teacher and accomplished player.

Early Life and Education

David Carscadden was born on August 22nd 1806, in Buckingham, Bucks County, Pennsylvania to William Henry Cascadden and Elizabeth (Betsy) John Cascadden.

On April 15th 1828, at age 21, he tied the knot with Anne Cascadden at her hometown church in Nottinghamshire, England.

Isaac Cascadden and Jemima Ellen Wigle had five children together: Isaac Cascadden (born 1951), Jemima Ellen Wigle (3 others) and three others.

Professional Career

Dave Carscadden has been in the funeral service for some time, holding licenses as both a Funeral Director and Embalmer in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. With an infectious laugh, his ability to put people at ease truly shines through.

David Carscadden is an accomplished professional musician as well as a passionate musician. He plays guitar and bass and sings for local band Sarah Summers.

David Carscadden boasts an impressive musical legacy, boasting a list of mentors and colleagues such as Louis Christopulos, Ryan Tatarian and Isaac Carter. Additionally, he started his own record label and produced albums for Miss Lonely Hearts – his most renowned act. It’s no secret that david carscadden is one of the finest guitarists around town but what truly sets him apart from other guitar players is his knack for putting on an impressive show every time he steps onto stage.

Personal Life

David Carscadden is a licensed funeral director, registered with both Manitoba and Saskatchewan funeral boards. He has extensive experience participating in community events and committees.

He aspires to make a positive impact in the lives of his family and friends by providing quality service and care during times of need. He understands the value of relationships, cherishing each moment spent with his loved ones and enjoying outdoor activities together.

He was a loving husband and father, dedicating himself to his children, their spouses, and grandchildren. His absence will be felt deeply by all his family members and friends.

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