David Celmer

David Celmer

David Celmer is an executive coach with more than two decades of experience in various leadership positions. His specialty lies in providing people with the tools necessary to enhance their performance.

He currently resides in Reading, UK and plans to open a Polish pub there that will attract both Poles and English people alike.

Early Life and Education

David Celmer was blessed to have grown up in a family that provided him with many resources and opportunities. He attended an exceptional public high school before going on to excel as a star student at the University of Oregon. Additionally, David donated funds for numerous worthwhile causes over his marriage to Lauri Celmer of over 30 years; together they enjoyed nature, adventure, and travel around the world with their family.

Professional Career

David Celmer has over three decades of expertise in engineering and manufacturing. Before joining Citgo, he spent 25 years as a chemist there. During this time, David traveled extensively around the world and served on multiple committees.

David Celmer is an organizational effectiveness consultant who helps businesses achieve their peak performance and acquire leadership skills necessary for navigating difficult situations. His approach to organization improvement and employee achievement stems from years of hands-on executive experience in corporate communications, quality management, and organizational development. He has coached leaders from Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies around the world to find their best fit. David holds a doctorate in Organizational Effectiveness from Fordham University.

Achievement and Honors

David Celmer is a highly acclaimed leader in organizational development and training. He holds a doctorate degree in Organizational Effectiveness from Fordham University and has mentored managers from around the world. Drawing upon his extensive leadership experience at an international pharmaceutical company, David brings practical knowledge as well as high-stakes problem-solving abilities to bear. David currently teaches courses related to communication, quality management and organizational development for his students.

Celmer came from behind to defeat tournament leader Sam Bortnick 297-278 in the PJBT finals, earning $200 and being named to the Tantasqua Regional High School honor roll for his accomplishments – making him the first member of this honor roll to achieve this distinction.

Personal Life

Lauri Celmer was an inspiring creative individual with a zest for life. She loved creating unique and decorative spaces, crafting glass art flowers and birdfeeders, and spending time at the beach with her family. Additionally, she enjoyed picking fruit in the orchard and keeping track of her resident deer family. Lauri was an adoring mother and grandmother who cared deeply for those close to her heart with compassion and love.

David Celmer is an experienced coach who assists leaders and their teams in honing the skills necessary for peak performance. His approach to organizational improvement stems from years of hands-on leadership experience as well as expertise in high stakes problem solving. David has worked with global pharmaceutical companies and federal government agencies, coaching executives from around the globe on a range of topics.

Net Worth

David Celmer is a business consultant with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Throughout his professional career, he has handled various tasks related to corporate communications and quality management, working with clients from around the globe. Furthermore, David has taught at the graduate level and gained valuable expertise in organizational effectiveness through experience using 360-degree feedback instruments and leadership development programs.

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