David Chernoff

David Chernoff, MD, Chair of Glycotest’s Medical Advisory Board

David Chernoff, MD is an accomplished molecular diagnostics industry veteran who has spearheaded the launch of multiple products such as Vectra DA (Crescendo Bioscience) and AlloMap (CareDx). As chair of Glycotest’s Medical Advisory Board, he brings both senior clinical leadership experience and valuable commercial insight.

Early Life and Education

David Chernoff was born in Sangerfield, New York to Eva and William. He lived with his parents, three brothers, and sisters until he wed Dorothy in 1940. Later he became a professor of astronomy at Cornell University where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses on astrophysics. An expert in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology with research interests including quantum mechanics, statistics, and computing; additionally he is an active member of the American Astronomical Society where his achievements have earned him numerous awards for service to this field.

Dr. Chernoff is a Family Medicine Specialist in Staunton, VA and affiliated with Augusta Health, Sentara Rmh Medical Center and University Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine; for more information including accepted insurance plans and how to schedule an appointment, please see his profile page.

Professional Career

David Chernoff has extensive experience in molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals, having led projects from early stage R&D through clinical development to product commercialization. Recently he joined SetPoint Medical as Chief Medical Officer to help advance their bioelectronic therapy platform. Under his direction, all clinical development activities will be overseen by Anthony Arnold – CEO of SetPoint Medical.

Melanie Chernoff utilizes her bachelor of science in physics to advise clients on patent prosecution and litigation support, as well as freedom-to-operate opinions. She can easily translate complex scientific ideas like Lorentz transformations into understandable concepts that are helpful when communicating with judges or adversaries. Melanie is part of the Chernoff Newman team based out of Charlotte office; furthermore, she is certified media buyer and planner.

Achievements and Honors

David Chernoff is an esteemed molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Currently, he serves as Chief Medical Officer of SetPoint Medical, a clinical-stage biomedical technology company developing a novel bioelectronic therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases. Prior to that, David held the titles of Vice President of Corporate Technology at Elan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Director at Chiron Diagnostics; both positions recognized him for his contributions in biomedical engineering.

He has received many honors throughout his career, such as an HPA Award for Best Digital Film Processing in 2008 and this year’s Lifetime Achievement award. His accomplishments are numerous and he has acquired a vast amount of knowledge along the way. It is evident that he holds high regard for his family, profession and community.

Personal Life

David Chernoff is an accomplished molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals industry veteran with 25 years of experience. He has served as Chief Medical Officer at several venture capital-backed diagnostic and therapeutic companies, while consulting to over 40 molecular diagnostic and pharmaceutical firms.

Rabbi David Chernoff is Chairman of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IAMCS) and Senior Rabbi of Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia. He is a second generation Messianic Jew, being born to Martin and Yohanna Chernoff – pioneers in this movement. Rabbi Chernoff has authored numerous books and articles on Messianic matters as well as being an engaging conference speaker. Additionally, he is proud father to three children and resides with his wife Debra in Philadelphia.

Net Worth

David Chernoff boasts a net worth of $27 million. Born in 1950, he is an American Messianic Jewish singer-songwriter and the founder of the music group Lamb. His parents Martin and Yohanna Chernoff founded Cincinnati’s Beth Messiah Messianic congregation back in 1950.

He is an experienced molecular diagnostics professional who has played a pivotal role in the launch of multiple products. He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Crescendo Bioscience and sits on the board of Glycotest. Additionally, he has held executive positions with pharmaceutical companies and served as guest professor at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. With an expansive network of colleagues within molecular medicine and expertise in research and development of cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Lopez maintains an active schedule.

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