David Clic

David Clic – Celebrities and the Bizarre

David clic is a photographer and filmmaker renowned for his surrealist images that combine celebrities with the bizarre.

He has collaborated with many renowned music artists, directed commercials and authored multiple books. A fun and approachable guest, his insights will get your audience thinking!

Early Life and Education

David clic was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia as the son of second-generation Japanese Canadian parents. During World War II he was interned and forced to give up many of his possessions.

David was an incredible athlete, winning multiple gold medals at international competitions such as the Olympics.

He was also a celebrated musician. He composed songs such as “Tired of the Same Old Love” and “The Song of Songs,” in addition to playing the harp.

His political acumen was evidenced by his victory over Goliath, a giant who stood as an obstacle to Israel’s first king Saul.

Once David established himself as king, he made Jerusalem the capital of his kingdom. Through military victories against the Philistines – who had remained a formidable threat to Israelites – David established Jerusalem as the seat of his empire.

Net Worth

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Tracking your net worth is an integral part of a sound financial plan, especially if you aim for financial independence or early retirement. It also serves as an effective metric to gauge progress towards goals and set short and long term objectives to stay motivated. Ultimately, though, your net worth shouldn’t define you or be used as the sole indicator of success; rather, it provides insight into where you stand on your financial journey so far.

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