David Dorbish

David Dorbish Passes Away on January 26, 2019

On January 26th, 2019 in Youngstown, Ohio, David Dorbish passed away. He was the son of Edward and Debra (Ostavitz) Dorbish.

He was found guilty of making terroristic threats, leading to a year in prison. On Thursday, however, prosecutors agreed to free him as they continue investigating an email sent to police that said he would kill everyone.

Early Life and Education

David Dorbish was born in Youngstown, Ohio the son of Edward and Debra (Ostavitz) Dorbish. A 1994 graduate of Chaney High School, he currently works as a union carpenter.

He also worked part-time at General Motors-Lordstown.

After his arrest, multiple states agreed to let Ohio pursue the case against him and in November a grand jury indicted him on 27 counts. On Wednesday in Youngstown, Ohio he pleaded guilty to 15 of these charges.

An assistant Mahoning County prosecutor recommended that Dorbish serve one year in prison, five years of probation and pay $13,000 in restitution to the communities he victimized. On January 31, 2019 he was sentenced.

Professional Career

David Dorbish is a Youngstown native who made headlines last year after his high school graduation. A talented stage and screen actor, he’s best known for his role as Jack in the Broadway hit “Aladdin”. His professional career also boasts numerous awards and accolades; including being inducted onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Furthermore, David has produced numerous Broadway and West End hits like ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘Miss Saigon’, and ‘The Lion King’; his most recent production being Tony Award-winning ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’ which is currently touring across America with it.

Achievements and Honors

Youngstown teen David Dorbish was the master of fake emergency calls to police departments across a half dozen states. On Wednesday in court, he pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats, false alarms, identity fraud and telecommunications harassment, The Warren Tribune Chronicle reported.

The teenager must also pay nearly $13,000 in restitution to six police agencies who were wronged by his actions. All told, he served exactly one year in the juvenile pen but is finally coming home – even if it takes some time. Assistant Prosecutor Mike Yacovone believes the teenager will receive substantial credit for his time spent in juvenile detention.

Personal Life

David Dorbish was a young man born in Youngstown, Ohio to Edward and Debra (Ostavitz) Dorbish.

He was a 1994 graduate of Chaney High School and employed at General Motors-Lordstown as a union carpenter.

According to The Warren Tribune Chronicle, he entered a plea of guilty Wednesday in court to charges of making terroristic threats, identity fraud and telecommunications harassment.

The teenager made a series of false calls to police in six states, including Wisconsin, Florida, New York, California and Indiana. He falsely reported that someone was being held hostage or there was some other urgent situation.

Prosecutors recommended a one-year sentence with credit for time served, five years of probation and $12,972 in restitution to the communities where Dorbish caused harm.

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