David Flotte

David Flotte – Actor and Stuntman

David Flotte is a popular video blogger renowned for his humorous videos.

He enjoys a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

He has earned a number of accolades, including the Shorty Award for vlogger of the year in 2017.

Early Life and Education

David Flotte had a difficult childhood growing up in the Bronx. He suffered greatly due to drug dealers’ abuse of him as a youngster, yet still managed to achieve some success academically. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, David wasn’t able to pursue higher education opportunities like other children his age did.

Froebel believed that children could learn through play and it had a significant effect on their development. Furthermore, he advocated for children’s freedom to express themselves without restrictions or limitations.

He created a framework for early years education that encompassed three components – activity, emotions and intellect. Furthermore, he believed it was essential to give children time to experience each stage before progressing onto the next one; this helped them realize their full potential within each stage.

Professional Career

David Flotte has been a professional actor and stuntman for decades. His credits include Mister Boogedy, Kiss & Tell, 10 Attitudes, Freezerburn, Unconventional and The Love Boat among many others.

He has also featured in a few commercials and voice-over projects for the Outdoor Channel, where he has been employed for several years.

Before embarking on his acting career, David Flotte was a certified instrument, multi-engine and airline transport pilot with type rating Citation jet aircraft. With an enthusiasm for flying, he served as flight instructor and charter pilot; additionally serving 17 years as volunteer ski patroller at Mt Frontenac. Furthermore, David teaches nonduality and the principles of A Course In Miracles; an inspiration to those seeking transformation in their lives.

Achievement and Honors

David developed an appreciation of nature through kayaking rivers and lakes. Additionally, he took pleasure in hunting with his father and brother; a passion that continued to grow over time.

David was an exemplary individual who achieved success in both his professional and personal life. He maintained a close circle of friends throughout the years, always ready to lend support and motivation when required.

He was an active member of his local community, volunteering in numerous programs and organizations. Especially, he was involved with Teleios – a small group of Christians who met weekly to study the Bible and offer encouragement each other.

Personal Life

David Flotte is an American social media influencer and YouTube star with 18.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel as well as a thriving Vine account.

He boasts a loyal fan base and makes money through advertising on his videos. Furthermore, he serves as TV host and brand ambassador.

He currently resides with his wife Lacey Chabert and their daughter in California, though he keeps most of his personal information private.

Net Worth

David Flotte is an American television personality and car restorer who has featured on several shows such as Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage.

His net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of 2021. His primary source of income comes from his car restoration business.

He is married to Lacey Chabert, a Hallmark Channel actress. They have one daughter together named Julia Mimi Bell.

David is an enthusiastic sportsman, with interests including tennis and golf. He also enjoys mushroom hunting, deer hunting, as well as canoeing on the Blanchard River. Being a family man, David supports his children’s 4-H projects with enthusiasm.

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