David Hepler

David Hepler

David Hepler is an attorney based in Portland, Oregon who represents clients on real estate, business and energy & natural resources matters.

Dave has extensive experience drafting and negotiating leases, including subordination, nondisturbance, attornment agreements, tenant estoppels and franchise addenda. Furthermore, his expertise extends to timberlands transactions such as unique title issues, road use agreements, logging contracts and conservation easements.

Early Life and Education

Parents are the primary educators for their child during the early years. They teach them how to speak, feed themselves, walk and more during these crucial years.

However, for healthy development, children require active stimulation and socialization with people outside their immediate family. This is where ECE (early childhood education) comes into play.

Early childhood experiences from birth through age 8 shape a child’s brain and set them up for success in adult life. When kids are exposed to positive factors like stable relationships with their parents and other adults, as well as secure environments that foster learning and development, these can create an even stronger foundation.

Professional Career

Dave Hepler assists clients with both large and small real estate transactions throughout Oregon and Washington. His expertise encompasses office towers, shopping centers, industrial/warehouse facilities, vacant land, agricultural property, as well as ranches.

He has an intricate knowledge of real estate transactional matters and knows where to focus his energy and expertise for maximum efficiency for his clients. He provides advice on all types of leases, such as subordination and nondisturbance agreements, tenant estoppels, franchise addenda and more.

Hepler also has an expansive litigation practice, representing employers and insurers in Missouri and Illinois workers’ compensation claims. His expertise covers a range of claim categories such as permanent total disability claims, heart attacks, operated back injuries, repetitive trauma cases and drug/safety violations.

Achievement and Honors

As a Lincoln County Board member, Hepler strives to build bridges between different organizations and people. From reaching out to the City of Lincoln last year on behalf of the Board in an effort to improve communication between them; to researching initiatives he believes will benefit Logan County citizens as a whole, Hepler is always searching for ways to make a positive impact.

Hepler is a proud Eagle Scout, an honor he earned at a Court of Honor ceremony held at Corlett Recreation Center on U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll on May 9, 2022. Attendees included members of his Kwajalein Troop 314 and community members who congratulated him for his accomplishment.

Personal Life

David Hepler’s personal life was marked by love, faith and devotion to God. He was an active member in his local church and enjoyed spending time with his family.

He was an active participant in his community and championed youth sports, veterans’ causes and other worthwhile causes. Additionally, he worked to improve communication between Lincoln City and Logan County.

Hepler was recently nominated by the Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois (CAPCIL) for the Grey Warner award from Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies, honoring individuals who embrace Community Action’s challenges and strive to improve Illinoisans’ health, educational, and economic status.

Net Worth

David Hepler is an American actor and television host with a net worth of $2 million. His roles on the series West Wing and Parks and Recreation earned him both Primetime Emmy awards; additionally, he has been nominated for both Golden Globes and Satellite Awards. Married to Grace – a science teacher – Hepler has two children named Katherine and David; in addition to owning homes in California and Virginia, Hepler enjoys traveling extensively.

Hepler owns more than 5,751 units of Terex stock and has sold more than 0 units since 2017. Most recently, he exercised this stock on May 20th for $255,287. Additionally, Hepler owns a car collection consisting of Mercedes E class, Jaguar F Type and Porsche 911 models.

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