David Hogg Net Worth

David Hogg Net Worth – An Activist For Gun Control

David Hogg Net Worth, is an American activist and student who first gained national attention by surviving the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting of 2018. Since then he has become a leader in the gun control movement by organizing protests and marches and calling for boycotts against companies or politicians with NRA ties.

Early Life and Education

David Miles Hogg is an American gun control activist and prominent political figure who gained national attention following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018. Hogg gained notoriety for leading protests, marches, and boycotts against Fox News host Laura Ingraham; Hogg’s actions garnered national media coverage as a result.

This young activist attends Harvard University and has made known his opinions on social issues through public speeches and active participation on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Kevin Hogg is the son of Kevin Boldrick, an FBI employee, and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher in Broward County Public Schools in Florida. Both parents appear supportive of their children’s activism; Hogg has even been featured alongside Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, and Emma Gonzalez on an April 2018 cover of Time magazine.

Professional Career

Hogg’s professional career began shortly after becoming famous due to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018. Since then he has become a leading advocate for tighter gun control laws, speaking frequently about them on various media outlets and hosting public speaking engagements on this topic. These activities contribute significantly to his net worth.

He is one of the founding members of Never Again MSD, an advocacy group led by students of his high school to advocate for gun control policies. Additionally, Hogg co-founded March For Our Lives alongside other survivors from the shooting.

Hogg has demonstrated exceptional maturity for such a young individual in his work. While receiving both praise and criticism for his activism, his commitment remains strong.

Achievement and Honors

David Hogg emerged from his school’s mass shooting as an activist and advocate for gun control, along with fellow survivors Cameron Kasky and Emma Gonzalez, to form Never Again MSD advocacy group which spearheads protests and marches calling for changes in gun laws through protests and marches. Hogg also harshly criticizes politicians who accept donations from National Rifle Association organizations.

His efforts led to countless media appearances with large speaking fees attached. In addition, he co-authored a New York Times bestseller book and donated its proceeds to charity.

He was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People for 2018, winning multiple awards such as Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Additionally, his activism now covers climate change and racial disparities issues.

Personal Life

Hogg has emerged as an influential voice since the high school shooting he survived in 2018. Alongside other survivors, he and others have taken an active stance advocating for gun law reform through social media posts and radio interviews. Hogg’s activism has even earned him speaking engagements – which provide him with some income.

He is also co-founder of Good Pillow pillow company and has co-authored a book with Lauren Hogg about the Parkland shooting, receiving much criticism for his views while remaining committed to activism.

David Miles Hogg was born April 12th 2000. Currently 23 years old, he studies at Harvard University as well as being an activist seeking changes in gun control laws.

Net Worth

Hogg has developed a significant social media following and established himself as an outspoken voice for gun control reform. His efforts have ignited a movement among young people, inspiring them to speak up and take action themselves.

His activism has resulted in multiple partnerships, leading to brand endorsements and sponsorships for multiple products, helping him increase both income and audience size.

He and Lauren wrote Never Again: A New Generation Draws the Line, which became a bestseller and brought in additional income for him. Additionally, part of his sales proceeds have been donated to charity.

He resides in Parkland, Florida. He is a student-led gun control advocacy group called Never Again MSD.

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