David Johnstone

David Johnstone understands the dangers associated with concussion injuries more than anyone, as evidenced by Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion scandal involving Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is proof of their severity.

He is a former player at Michigan Tech who endured multiple concussions while playing. Since then, he has found ways to manage both physical and psychological injuries suffered during play and is moving on with life.

Early Life and Education

David Johnstone graduated with both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from Yale University. Since then, he has held roles both within private industry and public service; including clerking for a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

He has played professionally in the USHL with Indiana Ice and Traverse City North Stars; during that time he endured numerous injuries that caused complications with medical staff.

Johnstone continues to push himself despite hardships. Not only is his journey inspiring, but it is also raising money for charities in the process. For instance, this year he participated in Chain Reaction cycling challenge and raised funds for local charity partners AEIOU Foundation and Traction.

Professional Career

Johnstone served as editor and later controller of programs at Scottish Television’s News at Lunch, becoming its editor-in-chief later on. Under his watch a host of innovative programmes such as Personal Perspective, Leader Column and other interview and newspaper review shows were launched, such as Personal Perspective.

He chaired the Information Highway Advisory Council and accomplished great feats such as helping Canada become the first nation to connect all its schools to the Internet. Furthermore, he served on various government boards and commissions.

But his musical career wasn’t done there: He joined Magna Carta, playing guitar, mandolin and sitar for British folk group Magna Carta before producer Gus Dudgeon noticed him and invited him to join Elton John Band. Since then he has played with this group.

Achievement and Honors

Johnstone had amassed 103 NCAA points when things began to unravel for him, making his chances of walking down center ice at the SDC to receive his degree progressively less likely.

Johnstone quickly contributed to expanding STV’s news coverage upon joining; expanding lunchtime news to ten minutes while initiating Personal Perspective interviews and Leader Column newspaper reviews.

Johnstone was also part of Warpipes, alongside Nigel Olsson (drums), Bob Birch (bass) and Guy Babylon (keyboards), which released an album entitled Holes in the Heavens in 1991.

Personal Life

David Johnstone is an incredible individual who has endured incredible trials and tribulations throughout his life. He serves as an inspiration to anyone experiencing difficulty, never giving up and remaining resilient despite all that life throws his way. His Facebook page serves as proof of this courage and determination.

Johnstone became aware that as the season wore on that his academic credits had become so confused that they would require one additional year at Tech to graduate, making the prospect of walking down center ice in graduation caps and gowns along with fellow Huskies who had earned NCAA Player of the Year recognition seem increasingly unlikely.

His teammates were more sensitive to Pearson’s situation and rallied behind him, denouncing his actions as “nonsense” while showing compassion for their teammate’s difficult health situation.

Net Worth

Born on 5-6-1951 and assigned the Life Path Number 9, 2023 will be an extremely pivotal year in his life as it brings with it new opportunities and may spark some significant transformations.

He has played guitar with legendary musician Elton John on over 2,000 shows as an integral member of his band, contributing virtuosic playing and captivating vocals that have helped create timeless hits while taking them around the world on tours.

Alongside his work for Elton John, Chelon Carr-Newbold leads Lennox Paton’s real estate and resort development group as head. Their practice encompasses acquisition, project financing and planning for large resort development projects as well as condo hotel structures and time share programs. Furthermore, Chelon advises high net-worth private clients regarding residential investments.

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