David Lawver

David Lawver – Mortgage Lending Expert, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

David Lawver is a mortgage lending expert, real estate investor, and entrepreneur who transformed his mortgage brokerage firm from $200k in annual revenues to $12M within just seven years. Following this success he began buying and investing in retail centers – his most profitable asset class.

We discuss how David got started in mortgage lending, what lessons he gained from mentors, and his strategy for scaling his business. Additionally, we cover world-class tactics and strategies in sales marketing operations finance wealth building.

Early Life and Education

David Lawver was born January 2, 1955 in Canton, Ohio to Leland “Wayne” and Faith Ward Lawver and attended Astoria High School before attending Western Illinois University for his Bachelors in Social Work degree. Following this he served his country in the Air Force while also investigating for DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). Additionally he belonged to Lewistown American Legion Bishop Post 1 as well as First Presbyterian Church where his family and members could find solace from him there investigations. David will be greatly missed by family including Jill Nolan his daughter Brianne Kennedy as well as granddaughters Madison and Georgia as he preceded by both parents as well as sisters Nancy Norma who predeceased him; also his love for music as well as his beloved dachhund “Bits”.

Professional Career

David Lawver has been in the home financing business for more than three decades, taking pride in educating his clients about financing options available to meet their individual needs and building lasting relationships with his satisfied clients. In 2011, David was honored with receiving one of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars’ most prestigious scholarship prizes: the Fulbright award allowing him to teach agricultural education at Egerton University in Kenya.

He earned a master’s degree in agriculture education from the University of Missouri.

Achievement and Honors

David Lawver has earned many notable achievements and honors throughout his time at Tech. As Fulbright Scholar for CASNR and Safety Coordinator of the Year for Tech’s Environmental Health and Safety Department, his duties included conducting an assessment of safety equipment needs within his college as well as working closely with them in ensuring it abides with safety regulations.

Born and raised in Carl Junction, Missouri, Dr. Carl Junction earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in agriculture education and vocational technical education from the University of Missouri before going on to receive his doctorate degree from Mississippi State University. Since joining CASNR’s staff as part of academic administration, teaching, research and service, his entire career has been dedicated to these tasks.

Personal Life

David Lawver is an industry expert, real estate investor, and entrepreneur specializing in mortgage lending. His mortgage brokerage business has grown from $200k annually to $12M per year while investing over $75M into real estate projects.

Today’s guest is an investor who began by purchasing single-family homes before expanding his real estate investments to short-term rentals and eventually retail centers, his most profitable real estate asset class. We discuss his journey to real estate investing as well as why this vertical is particularly well suited for him.

Born January 2, 1955 in Canton to Leland “Wayne” and Faith (Ward) Lawver, he married Jill Nolan on October 1st 1977 at Summum and the two are still together today, along with one daughter Brianne (Michael) Kennedy of Lewistown along with two granddaughters Madison and Georgia Kennedy residing there.

Net Worth

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