David Ledlie

David Ledlie

David Ledlie is a retired chemistry professor who loves fishing. Additionally, his passion is plants.

He has traveled the world collecting seeds from each location he visited and planted them at home. Additionally, his wife Pat shares his interest in fishing by leading monthly nature hikes.

Early Life and Education

David Ledlie was an exceptionally gifted and ambitious child during his early years. He loved playing, as well as developing his passion for music.

He had an acute interest in animals, especially snakes. Additionally, he loved spending time outdoors.

His love of nature provided many exciting adventures, and he always enjoyed boating, fishing, hunting or hiking trips with his family.

He became passionate about wildlife, leading him to create an international tree garden consisting of international plants and trees from Alaska, Russia, China, Mongolia England Canada Chile Tierra Del Fuego New Zealand.

Professional Career

David Leslie is a highly accomplished and admired senior executive with extensive international experience spanning all aspects of the oil industry. Among his many career highlights is serving as British Ambassador in Thailand as well as Director for Esso Australia and Exxon Chemicals; serving on ExxonMobil Asia Pacific’s Chairman & CEO Board; President for Esso Norge AS; and Regional Director for ExxonMobil Europe/FSU is among others.

Professionally, he achieved numerous notable accomplishments including leading Ecosse Racing for an extended stint in the World Sportscar Championship and touring successfully through one year of British Touring Car competition. A skilled communicator, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with those he coached, while in his free time enjoying golf games or hiking through wooded paths with his wife.

Achievement and Honors

David Ledlie has been an esteemed member of the Rockefeller family for more than three decades and holds many achievements to his credit. Inducting into Rockefeller University’s esteemed honor society and receiving various accolades for his scientific efforts – such as winning both Ledlie Prize and National Medal of Science awards – are just a few.

The Ledlie prize recognizes scholars who have made noteworthy contributions to both their university and the world at large, including honors like faculty positions at their respective institutions. One acclaimed professor Michael Osher has proven himself an exceptional entrepreneur by founding and selling several start-up businesses successfully during his teaching tenure at Ledlie Prize-winning institutions.

Personal Life

David Leslie was an unassuming individual with a great passion for fishing and an affinity for plants.

He possesses trees and shrubs from around the globe in his garden – from Alaska birches, Canadian betula glandulosos betula glandulosos betula glandulosos betula, to Finland’s 30-foot Elm tree and many others.

At home he keeps several different kinds of spirea, along with dogwood trees and Rhododendron visconsum seeds he collected while fly fishing in Russia. Additionally there are multiple other small spireas scattered about as well.

Net Worth

David Leslie is a renowned actor estimated to have an estimated net worth of $6 Million. His appearances in a variety of popular shows and movies has enabled him to amass considerable wealth.

He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career and is known for his exceptional acting. One such honor was winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance on The Office (2007).

His television appearances have also gained him many fans. He has appeared in films like Road to Salvation, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie and The Happytime Murders.

He earned his master’s degree at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. Additionally, he is highly experienced in education and recently married Christine Walravens.

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