David Matz

David Matz

David Matz has mediated a variety of cases, both commercial and employment related, as well as disputes within universities. His research and practice have focused on the development of techniques for mediation and negotiation.

He has designed and delivered trainings on mediation, negotiation and conflict systems design for attorneys, judges, engineers, university faculty and deans, environmental staff, prison superintendents, doctors, business executives, school teachers and school committees as well as government officers. Furthermore, he has lectured extensively about the uses of dispute resolution in various contexts.

Early Life and Education

David Matz has always had a passion for science and technology. He loves spending time outdoors, camping, hiking and fishing with his kids; watching them play sports; attending concerts; and taking in live events is something he takes great pleasure in.

Dave is a true New Englander who calls Massachusetts his home. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Vermont and is currently studying psychology at Augsburg College. Additionally, Dave has been involved with some of Massachusetts’ finest programs such as MIT Media Lab and the Center for Social Sciences.

David has had a distinguished career in dispute resolution, serving as mediator, trainer and educator for over three decades. He is past president of the Massachusetts Association for Dispute Resolution and Fellow of the American Academy of Dispute Resolution.

Professional Career

David Matz is a highly-skilled mediator and arbitrator, as well as the founding partner of Boston Law Collaborative LLC (BLC).

His mediation and arbitration cases range from business and employment disputes, construction projects, intellectual property rights, professional liability issues, family law cases and divorce settlements. He was also appointed chair of a three-person arbitration panel in Hancock-CNA Reinsurance’s $250 million dispute which ultimately reached resolution.

He has been active in the conflict resolution field for over 30 years, with a specialization in teaching and training mediators’ skills. He teaches mediation at Harvard Law School and leads workshops for organizations such as the American Bar Association and Harvard Negotiation Institute. He has mediated and arbitrated disputes across America, Israel, China and Nigeria and holds memberships with both organizations.

Achievements and Honors

David Matz was a man of many talents. He excelled as a lawyer, scientist, artist and accomplished amateur musician; furthermore he was proud husband and father as well as an attentive grandfather to his five adolescent grandchildren. Additionally he is an ardent Christian and active member in the Chadds Ford community.

He made numerous scientific breakthroughs during his long career as a researcher. He was one of the first people to utilize nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers for chemical structures and molecules, and also created the first chemically engineered nanoporous polymer for antimicrobials. For these accomplishments he has been awarded both Officer in the National Academy of Sciences and Fellowship by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Personal Life

David Matz is a social psychologist specializing in group decision making, cognitive dissonance, evolutionary psychology and mate selection. He has published on these topics and served as reviewer for several scientific journals.

He is a member of both the American Psychological Association and Society for Social Psychologists. Additionally, he has been a guest speaker at Harvard Law School and MIT.

He is survived by his daughter Hannah Matz and two sons Henry Fritz Matz and Emanuel Matz. A devout member of Cumberland Presbyterianism, Dave also owns Dave’s Used Cars and Auto Center in South Fulton and leaves behind four grandchildren.

Net Worth

David Matz boasts a net worth of $5 million. This fortune stems from his success as an MLB pitcher.

He is currently playing for the New York Mets and owns a home in Stony Brook, NY.

He married country singer Taylor Cain in December 2017, after dating her for one year. Clearly, they are very contented with their union.

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