David Maypark

David Maypark – A Life Well Lived

David Maypark had a wide-range of interests. His passion for travel led him to visit both Canada and the US on numerous occasions.

He was a loving father and grandfather who always made time for his family. He enjoyed attending school, the theater, sports events, as well as taking them out on walks in the park.

Professional Career

A career is the set of roles and activities an individual undertakes throughout their lifetime, such as education, training, jobs, work profiles and the pursuit of a particular professional identity. The direction one’s professional life takes can have significant repercussions on other educational, personal and social endeavors; it also shapes one’s attitude towards work and willingness to grow professionally.

Professional jobs typically require a degree or its equivalent, such as a doctorate. Non-professional positions on the other hand usually don’t need any formal education but require physical labor duties or trade skills acquired through apprenticeship.

Personal Life

David was a loving husband, father, and grandfather who always put his family first. He loved spending time with his kids at school, theater, sports events and walking in the park; traveling with his wife and brother Fred were some of his other favorites. Survived by son David Maypark (Heidi), grandson Silas and granddaughter London as well as brother Fred Maypark (Dalton Fernandez) and many other family members; David was predeceased by his parents Fred and Irene. A celebration of life will be held in honor of David on November 11th 2022 with donations being accepted in his memory to any charity of your choice.

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