David McCreight

David McCreight

David McCreight is the President and Executive Chairman for Urban Outfitters, Inc. Additionally, he serves as Executive Chairman for Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc.

His duties include overseeing all operations, such as design and development, sales, merchandising and logistics. Previously he served as President of Lands’ End Inc. and Urbn US Retail LLC (a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters). Furthermore, he holds a seat on the board of Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

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Professional Career

David McCreight has held executive leadership roles in seven companies, including Lands’ End – the world’s largest designer outerwear retailer – as President. Additionally, he served as Executive Chairman of Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of Lulu’s Fashion Lounge LLC (a subsidiary of Lulu’s).

David McCreight boasts an impressive net worth and impressive resume. Most recently, he served as CEO of Under Armour – a sporting goods giant – where his two year anniversary is fast approaching. While there have been ups and downs throughout his tenure there, it appears he may finally have hit it big time.

The highly desired president’s role was to oversee all aspects of a company’s apparel, footwear and accessories operations.

Achievements and Honors

David McCreight has achieved great things over his illustrious career as CEO of seven different companies including Lands’ End, Urban Outfitters and Wolverine worldwide. Some of his more noteworthy accolades include being named CEO of the year by a former president of America and receiving life membership into an exclusive club of senior executive members. Furthermore, in addition to his corporate accomplishments, he also built up an impressive philanthropic portfolio which includes donations to several charitable organizations.

McCreight currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife Eileen Rose Mellert and two children; Carter Edwin was born October 2014 and recently added to their clan.

Personal Life

David McCreight is a merchandising executive with expertise in apparel, sportswear and accessories. He currently serves as president of Urban Outfitters and CEO of its Anthropologe Group after joining the company in 2011 where he oversaw its global expansion – seeing 35% increase in sales and 60 new stores open during his tenure.

McCreight is an accomplished professional duck hunter in addition to his professional career. He has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Scotland and England for waterfowl hunting trips as part of Delta Waterfowl’s membership program. When not outdoors enjoying life’s adventures, he enjoys writing books such as Friends Like These which has been optioned for TV series by Amblin Television and Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films.

Net Worth

David McCreight was the former President and CEO of Anthropologie Group (URBN), a retailer that sells apparel, accessories, intimates, home furnishings and decor, beauty products, as well as gifts. During his six-year tenure with Anthropologie Group (URBN), revenue increased by over 35% while they opened 60 new stores. Furthermore, their shares rose 23% in 2017 due to an increase in comparable sales during the second half of that year.

He currently serves as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc. and Lulu’s Fashion Lounge LLC, a subsidiary. Additionally, he sits on the boards of Wolverine World Wide Inc. and CarMax Inc. His stock holdings in Carmax Inc total $220,243 as of 7 May 2020; according to his Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2013, he has made at least 7 trades since then.

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